Saturday, May 19, 2018
Control almost always: How To __________
Amazing Secret
1 Werid Tip / Trick / Food ___
Top 10 _____
3 Big _____
7 Secrets of ________
Quickly and Easily _______________
______________ Step-By-Step For Beginners
Bad News For__________________________
Sickening Story From ________{Fname}
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_______ While You Sleep
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How To ________ without ___{Biggest Fear / Annoyance}
The Amazing ___{WEIRD THING} Secret of the ___{Well known person or entity}
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Cosmos headlines:
1. Revamp your closet with 8 sexy pieces
2. 50 ways to have fun with your guy.
3. Your hoo-ha handbook. Get a healthy sexy vagina
4. Amanda Bynes – A secret side of her you’ve never seen
5. The new male sex habit that can hurt a relationship
6. Out smart an attacker
7. 100% HOTTER SEX. Thrill every inch of the body using a move no woman has dared to
try on him before.
8. Why love is harder in winter
9. Get rid of muffin top. 7 belly blasting tricks
10. Colors that make a man’s heart race.
11. Fergie – her naughty honeymoon surprise
12. He shoots, he scores – wacked-out things guys say in bed
13. Is stress turning you into a raging bitch?
14. Plus – what his hug reveals. 14 sexy party hairstyles.
15. HIS #1 SEX WISH. 71 guys crave this move. You’re gonna want to drop the magazine and do it on the spot.
16. 8 Things guys notice instantly
17. Mind tricks that melt pounds
18. Killer cocktail. How a popular drink could kill you in your sleep.
19. Bad girl issue for sexy bitches only
20. Kim Kardashian – The mistake that still haunts her (no, not the sex tape)
21. Foreplay men crave – touch his secret erotic spot (surprise: it doesn’t rhyme with shemis.)
22. 26 gutsy ways to make a fresh start.
23. The silent clue men give off when they’re in love.
25. WHAT HE THINKS DURING SEX. The crazy, dirty, sizzled, and yes sweet stuff that goes
through his head when you two get hacked.
26. One question no guy can resist.
27. The sexy ass workout – 2 weeks to tight cheeks
28. Steal this trick – The #1 secret of confident chicks
29. What 81% of men expect on first date (you’ll be pleasantly surprised)
30. Megan Fox – juicy stuff she could only say in cosmo
31. Sex panic – an ER doc reveals the freakiest down-there emergencies ever.
32. True crime – How she outsmarted a brutal rapist.
33. BAD GIRL SEX. These 12 moves will show him your really naughty side. We call
them dirty dozen
34. Gut feelings you should never ignore.
35. Lose weight while you eat – 9 belly shrinking foods.
36. 5 words that get the truth out of guys.
37. Kristin bell – how she stopped worrying and found the one.
38. The “dirty sex” rule happy couple swear by.
39. When you hooha’s burning: Don’t use this common cure!
40. What he’s dying to hear during a date.
41. 50 SEX TRICKS. Trust Us: You’ll be the first girl naughty enough to try #43 on him.
42. Get hit on all the time (your friend will be really annoyed)
43. The orgasm whisperer every woman needs one!
44. Sex extras *secrets his sex style reveals. *cheat proof your love – with 4 words.
45. Kate Perry – How she grabbed Hollywood by the balls.
46. What you should never let you gyno do.
47. 5 things that can blow a job interview.
48. 125 SEX MOVES. Thousand of men agree: these are the techniques that send them
over the edge
49. 4 signs he’s craving you.
50. You on Top – the fierce new secret to success.
51. 100 SEX QUESTIONS. We answer every dirty thing you want to know. In 20 words or
52. Be lucky bitch! These proven mind tricks bring you what you want
53. When your cramps mean something’s wrong
54. dirty lying brides- Secrets they’re hiding from the groom.
55. How to keep love strong when life gets crazy.
56. We made Leighton Messter Cry (yeah, right)
57. BEST. SEX. EVER. Out gutsy new tips are guaranteed to give him the most bad ass
orgasm imaginable and you too.
58. Lose 5 lbs. in just 7 days.
59. Get butt naked! 50 fun things to do bare – assed.
60. How to make choices you’ll never regret.
61. 3 questions that get a man to open up
62. The easy way to boost your sex drive (We stole a few secret from guys)
63. Whitney Port – on live, Lauren, and endless drama
64. SEX HE CRAVES. We help you discover his most dirty-licious fantasies – so you can
deliver the naughty goods.
65. yummy fat – melting foods.
66. Love your life! Sexy little tricks that add bliss
67. How to save your ass at work.
68. Fashion extra – new ways to wear the clothes you have.
69. What guys crave after sex (besides beer and pizza)
70. Just do this on date #1 (and he’s yours)
71. Ashely Tilsdale – blows off her good – girl image.
72. Cosmo’s 50 best relationship tips.
73. SEX THAT BRING YOU CLOSER. These hot moves will start a bonfire in his pants. And
his heart.
74. The bitchy little move men love.
75. Flatten your belly! Marisa tips make it easy.
76. An orgasm almost killed her – we are not kidding.
77. You, you, you feel instantly happier – with one they change.
78. Is he normal down there? Shape, size, skin tone. What’s weird, what’s not.
79. Supermodel Marisa Miller’s fitness tricks.
80. 50 new styles for long hair.
81. HIS BIGGEST SEX SECRETS. What you always wished you know. And one thing you’ll
wish you didn’t
82. He’s hot.. But you have a boyfriend – How to curb the urge to cheat.
83. Get more pleasure – the secret to savoring every moment.
84. 8 things in your closet that make you look chunky
85. New guy? Our classic seduction trick will keep him hocked.
86. “I invented the ugliest undies ever. And got top celebs to wear them”
87. Sex bloopers – You’ll lol at bedroom rumps that went horribly wrong.
88. Ali Larter – fun fearless female of the year.
89. 4 naughty massages – for couple only.
90. WHAT SEX FEELS LIKE FOR GUYS. Once you know the key arousal triggers, you can
double his satisfaction.
91. 10 cheap, fun date ideas
92. Angelina did it. So did Lindsay.
93. What It’s like to love a girl.
94. Everyday things that can wreck your fertility.
95. How to deal when your man gets moody.
96. Have an orgasm every time (cosmos coaches you)
97. Amanda Bynes – She’s not that innocent.
98. ALL NEW ALL HOT. Introducing the awesome “s stroke” and 6 other guy – pleasuring
touches we’ve never printed before.
99. Bonus section – sexy vs skanky your jaw’s gonna drop
100. The trick that attracts hot guys like crazy.
101. 18 genius ways to make your cash go further
102. Your orgasm face- what he’s thinking when he sees it.
103. Jessica Simpson – Even more uncensored.
104. Cosmo’s naked quiz.
105. TOTAL BODY SEX. These bed shaking techniques will have any man quivering with
pleasure from head to toe.
106. The surprising touch that whips a guy on date #1.
107. Lose weight while you eat – 10 foods that actually burn calories.
108. “A cougar stole my man”
109. You, you ,you – 22 smart sexy skills every cosmo girl needs now.
110. Am I normal down there? Very private sex questions only we tackle.
111. Lauren Conrad – answers her haters.
112. 5 times U shouldn’t text him!
113. BAD GIRL SEX. 75 tricks for nights when you want to be just a little naughtier.
114. How to be just bitch enough.
115. His body – The nonverbal clues that let you read his mind!
116. Plus – how long guys want to sex last. Beauty news: Scents that seduce any man.
117. 15 date ideas he’ll be into.
118. Kate Hudson – Her sexy new views on love.
119. For naughty girls only
120. SHE DID WHAT?! Outrageous things chick do in bed – like the crazy – hot “fire
starter” technique.
121. His girlfriend wish list – Do you have these 9 surprising traits?
122. Sexier hair – all new looks!
123. Jeans too tight?
124. The sex position they lust for.
125. Blake Lively – now she snagged fame and happiness.
126. What he thinks when you’re butt naked.
127. 100 SEX TRUTHS. Short and sweet answers to burning sex questions. Put ‘em to use
128. 8 new love truths you must learn.
129. Sexy eyes just try this trick.
130. Sex extras – * naught games (tear out for tonight)
131. When men cheat in august.
132. How dirty is his mind? Filthy, to be exact, you’ll be shocked and intrigued.
133. SEX POLL. 30,570 dudes tell what they’re dying for you to do in bed
134. 7 new ways to be happy.
135. 50 things that make him worship you.
136. Advice for guys you’d be crazy not to take
137. His in – bed body language – discover secrets he unknowingly reveals at his most
vulnerable moment.
138. Sexual heath – how to decode the sneaky signs of an STD.
139. Caught butt naked! There horny couples got busted mid booty. You’ll laugh your ass
140. Carrie Underwood – The love mistake she’ll never repeat.
141. The hottest words to say to a man during sex.
142. TABOO SEX. The dirty, sexy moves a man craves in bed.
143. The girlfriend habits that’ll deepen his love.
144. Sexy hair – fresh looks you’ll adore.
145. Dragging ass lately – new energy – boosting advice.
146. 5 signs a guy is capable of rape.
147. The Hottest thing to do to a man (in 60 seconds or less)
148. Carmen Electra – shares her secrets to sexy confidence.
149. 4 things all guys crave for.
150. HIS G SPOT. Yup, he’s got one too – and it’s aching to be touched. Go get it, girl!
151. Little touches he’ll love you more for.
152. feel great naked – confidence booster for in bed (and out)
153. Plus – New killer Ab shapers. The sexiest thing to do after sex.
154. When your boobs act weird – itches, aches, lumps – what’s normal, what’s not.
155. 67 new sex tricks including the tongue series that will push him over the edge.
156. Kristen Bell – the sexiest smart – ass in Hollywood.
157. OUR NAUGHTIEST SEX Q&A. yeah, we went there!
158. 50 things guys wish you knew.
159. The friendly health advice you should never take.
160. Plus – The silent way he shows he’s whipped.
161. Special section – If men edited cosmo – you’ll laugh you butt off!
162. Little mouth move that make sex hotter.
163. Hayden Panettiere – confesses why she’s a good “bad” girl.
164. BE A SEX GENIUS! These brilliantly naughty bed tricks will double his pleasure. And
165. 5 things never to tell your guy.
166. Your Va-jay-jay fascinating new facts about your lovely lady parts.
167. Feel – good tricks for totally blah days.
168. Sex he has alone – Where and when. How often (yikes). His shocking go-to fantasy.
169. Rihanna – puts those rumors to rest.
170. 21 NAUGHTY SEX TIPS. Tonight, treat him to some boundary – pushing sex that good
girls only dream of.
171. 45 ways to get even closer to him.
172. Great butt and thighs. A top trainer’s best advice.
173. 10 subliminal tricks that make people adore you.
174. John Mayer – shares why all guys aren’t a**holes.
175. The most satisfying sex position – if turns him on and it feels awesome for you.
176. Katherine Heigl – Fun fearless female of the year.
177. Wake up gorgeous! These beauty tips work while you sleep.
178. SEX SECRETS – AROUSE HIM LIKE CRAZY! 3 surprising pleasure triggers, how to hit
his G- spot, Where he hopes you’ll linger.
179. Bedside astrologer 2008 – your life/love predictions.
180. Fab hair – find your sexiest color
181. Yowzer! 40% of women do this in their sleep.
182. Feel happier! 29 ways to made one good stuff in life even better.
183. Sex session that ended in the ER. You’ll thank God it wasn’t you.
184. Hillary Duff – The secret reason she’s smiling.
185. How to stay hot for each other.
186. DIRTY SEXY SEX. Top pleasure experts share moves so new and naughty you could
only read them here.
187. The 22 best relationship tips ever.
188. Guys spill white lies they women all the time
189. Your sexual health – crucial new facts your gyno forgot to mention.
190. Get ahead faster – 12 brilliant (and slightly bad ass) ways to do it.
191. The sex position he craves – it gives him the hottest view.. and hits all the right spot.
192. Beyonce – take the cosmo quiz!
193. A shocking thing 68% of chicks do in bed.
194. DEEP SEX. Breathing and touch techniques that are so intense, you’ll both reach a
new level of pleasure.
195. Why you should be a jealous bitch! And 6 other relationship secrets.
196. Your period – the most important news we’ve heard in years.
197. “I know what your boyfriend did last night” a love spy tells all
198. 100 outrageous facts about men.
199. The hottest things to do to a man with your hands.
200. What’s your sexy style?
201. GUYS’ SEX CONFESSIONS. Surprising stuff they don’t want from you in the sack.
202. What makes a man fall in love.
203. You sex goddess! Crazy ass moves he wants you to do to him there.
204. *You must see it * Cosmo’s best makeover ever.
205. How to stay safe – 5 pieces sexual predators look for women.
206. Your gyno’s secret thought about your sex life.
207. 4 things all guys keep private.
208. Ali Larter – She’s fearless about life and love.
209. Hair that gets you what you want.
210. THE BLENDED ORGASM. So deep, so strong, how you can have one tonight.
211. 6 instant confidence boosters.
212. Hel-lo gorgeous! Fall clothes, hair, makeup.
213. “My boyfriend didn’t change his boxers for 3 months” Hysterical and cringer – worthy
214. Cosmo news – A new kind of date rape you must know about.
215. Could your man a be gay? The foolproof sign.
216. Feel sex more intensely – A guide to your body during the deed.
217. Jessica Alba – On sexy moments, dumb mistakes, and being burned by rumors.
218. Girlfriend traits guys find “freakin awesome”
219. HIS #1 SEX FANTASY. No woman has had the nerve to try this on him. And he’ll go
totally nuts when you do.
220. 50 ways to be closer to him!
221. How to feel more pleasure every day.
222. Sex extras *6 skills sex goddesses master. *what to do when sex hurts *Weird sex
questions we’re asked
223. True – crime story – Her boyfriend killed her for breaking up with him.
224. Why he just won’t propose
225. Guys Uncensored – Their get – naked fears will make you laugh out loud.
226. Julia Stiles – The least bitchy girl in the Hollywood.
227. EROTIC SEX. 7 boundary pushing moves all men secretly crave (and you’ll get off on
228. The girlfriend habit that he’ll love you more.
229. Questions You must ask before: *moving in. *getting engaged *tying the knot.
230. Are accidentally making yourself more tired?
231. Caught butt naked! There horny couples couldn’t control themselves. You’ll laugh
your ass off
232. What even experienced chicks forget do in bed.
233. Jessica Biel – Unpredictable and Uncensored.
234. SECRETS OF MALE AROUSAL. A surprising trigger to his deepest sex cravings.
235. A kind of cuddling that can bring you closer to him.
236. Feel sexy naked – great confidence boosters.
237. The thing every man needs a woman to say (It’s not what you think)
238. Sexual health – What your gyno forgot to tell you about the pill.
239. The naughtiest photo we’ve ever run of a guy.
240. Ashlee Simpson – No question was off limits.
241. 75 SEX TRICKS. Warning: They’re so hot, this magazine may burst into flames.
242. The surprising trait 80% of men find sexy.
243. Tight abs. Our no – crunch workout.
244. Read his dirty mind – these thoughts could make a cosmo girl blush.
245. Real – life read – She tricked a murderer into sparing her life.
246. 9 times you won’t burn in hell for being bitchy.
247. Hot to climax together. A surefire technique that take you both over the edge –
248. Carrie Underwood – The side you’ve never seen before.
249. THINGS GUYS CRAVE IN BED. The surprising trait 80% of men find sexy
250. What he does when you’re not around (make sure he’ out slapping distance)
251. Confessions special! Guys spill their dirty, dumb – ass blunders. You’ll die laughing.
252. Plus: Tricks that curb your urge for junk food.
253. Women and danger. 5 warning signs a stranger’s about to get violent.
254. Blow his mind! The awesome new sex prop- and guess what? It’s probably in you
255. Eva Longoria – True to form, she holds nothing back.
256. 99 SEX FACTS. You’ve never heard before.
257. 7 relationship truths every woman in love must learn.
258. Weird male behavior decoded.
259. How long should you wait to sleep with a guy? Finally, a straight answer.
260. Plus: try these four things with your man
261. Facing breast cancer: A young woman’s unimaginable decision.
262. Naughty sex tricks (let out your inner bad girl!)
263. The “harmless” habit that turns men off to you.
264. SEX SHOCKERS. Things he think about during the deed that you really, really
need to know.
265. A dirty little secret you never hear about marriage.
266. 9 love lies guys tell
267. Real life tragedy – The crime story every young woman must read.
268. Caught with their pants down. Hilarious tales of daring couples who got nailed
getting naughty.
269. Turn your man into a your – pleasing sex genius. (Warning: earthquake coming)
270. Eve Mendes – fun, fearless female of the year.
271. THE SEX HE’LL DIE FOR. Foreplay ideas almost too risqué to share. Almost.
272. Bedside Astrologers 2007 find out what in store.. in life, love and lust.
273. Chick behavior that baffles the hell out of guys.
274. Make your legs look a mile long.
275. How to decode your body’s signs that something’s wrong
276. Hot new sex trick. This mind blowing, box – spring breaking technique will intensify
everything he feels.
277. Carmen Electra – Bouncing back from heartache.
278. Beauty bargains you’ll love.
279. SEX UNCENSORED. Your 10 most private questions – answered.
280. How to keep your guy totally turned on by you.
281. Bad skin day? What’s messing up your face.
282. Below – his – belt bloopers! Hilarious tales of inconvenient excitement.
283. Your sexual health: the STD 80% of women now get.
284. 4 facts men wish their girlfriends knew.
285. The sexiest things to do after sex.
286. Katherine Heigl – meet our new girl crush.
287. NAUGHT SEX. 8 hot new position we’ve never published before.
288. What falling in love feel like for him
289. Get a sexy body. How to tone up twice as fast.
290. Ways your parents’ divorce shapes your relationship.
291. Hottie spotting. Where your next boyfriend is hiding.
292. Find your hair – color personality.
293. Men buck naked. Their secret fears when they peel off their pants.
294. Rachel Bilson – The next queen of bee of the OC.
296. Every guy’s private marriage checklist
297. Gorgeous skin. The new secret.
298. A smart way to protect yourself from rape.
299. 21 sneaky tricks to get guys to do what you want.
300. Discover the sex fantasy 68% of men have.
301. Christina Aguilera – How love changed her.
302. Sexy Vs. Skanky.
303. 30 SEX BOOSTERS amazing little extras that make sex even sexier.
304. Take the new love test. Find out now if he’s your perfect match.
305. What’s hot for fall. Clothes/ hairstyle/ beauty must – haves.
306. A shocking tactic rapist use to snare women.
307. The most crucial thing to ask your gyno.
308. “I punctured his thigh with my stiletto” brave chicks share their hysterical sex
309. The certain kind of sex he’s thinking about 24/7
310. How to get the look guys crave.
311. 101 SEX TRICKS to try before you die!
312. His lips, his eyes. How they reveal what he can’t express.
313. 4 surprising things guys find hot.
314. “I bet you’re wild in bed” true tales of girls who work at cosmo
315. Freaky fact. This fashion accessory can sap your energy.
316. New sexercises that double female pleasure.
317. Fergie – you wont believe what she’s been through.
318. THE SEX HE CRAVES. The thousand of men finally admit what they’re secretly aching
319. Bad advice even smart girls follow.
320. Sexual health. The surprising thing that can dampen lust.
321. Are you ever a bitch? Secret reasons guys love it.
322. 7 hot bedroom games.
323. Brittany Murphy – The tough times she rarely talks about.
324. How to meet a man in 30 days.
325. 62 SEX MOVES. Guy share tons of totally original and mind-blowing tips
326. Bond with your man. * in the car, on a date, before work, after a fight.
327. The touches he’ll beg for again and again.
328. Bitchy, bitchy reader secrets (you’ll roar with laughter)
329. Beyond Kama sutra. 8 sex positions you haven’t thought of.
330. 19 ballsy things every girl should do.
331. HOW TO HEAT UP SEX. Naughty (but easy) tricks to try tonight.
332. 4 things you do that turn him off
333. Get summer sexy ( in just a week)
334. The most heinous breakups in cosmo history.
335. 8 new places to have sex.
336. Life saving read – a deadly disease that striking young women.
337. Touch him there!
338. Mandy Moore – love lessons she’s learn.
339. The trick to luscious lips.
340. ORGASMS UNLIMITED. How to achieve a feel good explosion. And then another. And
341. 7 ways to make him ache for you.
342. Confession special. Mortifying booty busts. Trainwreck traumas, and hilarious
343. The gut feeling that’s dangerous to ignore.
344. Plus: never have a zit again!
345. How to get ahead fast (without totally busting your ass)
346. The naughty thing 30% of couples do in bed.
347. Lindsay Lohan – Sets the record straight.
348. SEX GODDESS SECRETS. Expert in seduction share their blow-his-mind mattress
moves (“wait till you try liquid lust”)
349. 40 girlie moves that make you guy melts.
350. Surprising ways chicks deflate their sex appeal.
351. Warning: the new date – rape trap.
352. His secret pleasure zone.
353. Hillary duff – can answer the grown up questions.
354. WHAT SEX IS LIKE FOR HIM. And how to enhance every single thing he feels.
355. How to snag any man you want.
356. Tight butt, abs & thighs. Trainers use this trick themselves.
357. The sex habit that harms relationships.
358. Flip open – Dr. Mc Dreamy is waiting to see you.
359. 10 times it’s OK to be a bitch.
360. Never lose your orgasm again. A sure fire technique that can take you over the edge.
361. FFF of the year – Beyonce – finally, she talks!
362. 60 SEX SKILLS. Guys reveal the most mind blowing bedroom moves women have ever
363. Your most private sex questions. Honest answers only cosmo would give.
364. 50 fun ways to get close to him.
365. Guys’ secret language. They talk in clever code – but not clever enough. We cracked
366. 3 feminine instincts to master – and 2 to ditch.
367. Foreplay men crave. Touch him here. And here. And especially here.
368. Ashlee Simpson – a beyond candid interview.
369. BEDSIDE ASTROLOGER 2006. Find out all the hot things in store for you.
370. 5 relationship rules you gotta break
371. Your sexual health. STD news gynos don’t share.
372. How to get control on crazy days.
373. Hollywood’s biggest bitch. She’s so evil, Satan could soon be out of his job.
374. Girl on top. These 9 pleasures making sex positions will send you both to the moon.
375. Eva Longoria – Our sauciest interview ever.
376. The sexiest things to do before sex.
377. GUYS’ SEX DRIVE. The dirty little bedroom secret nobody wants to talk about.
378. Get your guy you give you the attention you crave.
379. 20 sexifiers(just for your eyes!)
380. 5 things sway your from a good decisions.
381. How to turn him on without touching.
382. Hookups from hell. You’ll howl with laughter and thank God it wasn’t you
383. INTRODUCING OUR NEW SEX POSITION. Named 77, it’s as mind blowing as the
other naughty number.
384. The ego stroke that keep guys faithful.
385. Gyno warning: below the belt health habits that can harm you.
386. How to deal with a bitch anytime, anywhere.
387. 8 sex truths you don’t know about yourself.
388. Cameron Diaz – dares to answer our personal questions.
389. The male brain explained.
390. 101 EX TIPS. Mattress moves so good he’ll forget his name. But remember yours
391. 50 ways to be a better girlfriend.
392. The article/video that can make you feel happier almost instantly.
393. Surprising clues you man’s lying to you.
394. Guys uncensored: What he’s really thinking after sex.
395. Scarlett Johansson – her young Hollywood life.
396. HOT NEW SEX TRICKS. Needed: A few simple props and a very naughty attitude.
397. How to read his feeling instantly.
398. Love being naked! 17 body – confidence boosters.
399. Guys uncensored – you won’t believe the dirty thoughts dudes have.
400. The best jeans for your shape 4 gyno mistakes you must learn about
401. Sizzling sex tips. End your summer with a bang.
402. Kate Hudson – a very revealing interview.
403. The hot issue
404. Special touches that bring you two closer.
405. Fab abs in 14 days (AND: detox diet tips)
406. Things smart girls never tell.
407. “That bitch ruined my wedding” brides share their horror stories.
408. The male G – spot (your sexiest search ever)
409. Jessica Biel – You’ll wish you could hang with her.
410. How to feel great in a bikini.
411. 12 SHOCKING SEX FACTS. Jaw – dropping bedroom discoveries and what they mean
for you.
412. Your period what’s normal, what’s not.
413. You, you, you 7 surprising keys to happiness.
414. Plus: bridal special. Saucy sundresses. Secret tests guys give new girlfriends.
415. Dangerous love. 3 times a boyfriend can become violent.
416. How to turn him on in 10 worlds or less.
417. Jessica Simpsom – talks about everything!
418. Do you make men M-E-L-T?
419. MOST FAMOUS SEX TIPS. The legendary tricks that have brought countless guys to
their knees.
420. Romantic rituals to do with your man.
421. Guys uncensored: The secret sex rituals they follow.
422. Try this simple mind trick and get what you want.
423. Budget decorating tips. Summer fashion trends. Bikini waxing minus. The $@#%
424. Rape warning: one place you feel safe but shouldn’t
425. The biggest sex mistakes. Learn what keeps couples from reach ultimate pleasures.
426. Jennifer Lopez – 10 things you don’t know about her.
427. SUPER SENSUAL SEX – TOUCH HIM TRICKS. A man’s body craves certain strokes,
caresses, and pressures. Here’s your hands – Our guide.
428. How to tell he adores you.
429. Confession special! Insanely funny bloopers, blunders, and bedroom busts.
430. Your burning sex questions – answered.
431. The amazing people skill most women aren’t taught.
432. Health alert: Shocking things some doctors get away with.
433. Sex Treats for him. Once you try #6, he’ll never look at his tie in the same way.
434. Avril Lavigne – The side nobody sees.
435. Kiss me lips, take me eyes.
436. ULTIMATE SEXUAL PLEASURE. The 10 second trick that gets any woman there.
437. The secret way to make your man.. better in be. More romantic.. a great listener.
438. Cosmo’s below the bell guide. 25 facts you don’t know (but should) about your V –
439. What your sex dreams mean.
440. Warning to women: Displaying this emotion can endanger your life.
441. Surprising things that intensify sex. They take just second to do every day.
442. Jessica Alba – So honest, her interview blew us away.
443. Tons of juicy stuff inside.
444. SEX BONANZA – THRILL HIS BODY. 65 electrifying mattress tricks. They’ll remind him
how freakin’ lucky he is.
445. His butt – What your guy’s bum shape reveals about his personality (squeeze, then
446. 50 ways to have fun with your man.
447. Hilarious confessions of real desperate housewives.
448. Guess: What he’s really thinking in bed!
449. The power of per – sex 5 tricks that will totally rev his engine.
450. Ashlee Simpson – Don’t judge her ‘till you read this.
451. The girlie habits that hold you back.
452. BEYOND KAMA SUTRA. Advance sex positions (#4 will have you grinning for a week)
453. His 5 hottest desires. Guys describe what they crave in bed but are too shy to ask for.
454. Butt shape – up. Get the great ass you’ve always wanted!
455. Our best male body – language secret ever.
456. Can you extend your fertility?
457. How to simplify your life (See ya, crazy days!)
458. The sex mistakes that hurt a couple’s love.
459. Kate Bosworth – she may be the most normal girl in the Hollywood.
460. What he thinks when he sees you naked.
461. NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY – BEDSIDE ASTROLOGER 2005. Life, love, sex.. find out exactly
what is store for you.
462. 5 ways to make smarter choices in life.
463. 40 get – gorgeous tip
464. Caught with their pants off. Need a giggle? Just devour these humiliating tales of mid
– booty busts.
465. Warning: rape danger zones most women don’t know what.
466. The sex article you must read with your boyfriend.
467. Feel hot naked! We take the stress out of stripping down.
468. Love – dovey deeds guys crave.
469. SEX HE’LL GO WILD FOR. Awesome new bed tricks that actually double a man’s
470. 24 ways to make yourself happier.
471. 55 things you can learn about him in 10 minutes.
472. Guy bonus section: Pages and pages on our favorite subject – men.
473. How to get to sleep when you can’t shut your brain off
474. The sexiest makeup. 2,101 guys voted on the look they love.
475. 7 new pulse – pounding positions ( he’s never tried before)
476. Sarah Michelle Gellar – The surprising stuff she’s been up to.
477. MEN TALK BOOTY. Guys confess the sensations, touches, and mattress maneuvers
that really get their rocks off.
478. How to talk to him so he’ll listen.
479. Your sexual health. 7 crucial things your gyno forgot to tell you.
480. His secret pleasure points. Touch only if you want to drive him insane in the sack.
481. How I convinced my rapist not to kill me
482. Sex sessions that ended in the ER. (ooh. That’s gotta hurt)
483. Katie Holmes – find out why she’s blushing.
484. When You whip out one of these doozies, he’ll know he’s with a real woman.
485. Guys uncensored. 25 things they never want you to say.
486. 100 sex tips from guys. Including the best ice cube trick we’ve ever heard.
487. How to get rid of bad breath, itchy butt crack, and other mortifying body bummers.
488. Real life read. The disturbing thing that happened while she slept.
489. Have more fun in bed. Passion toys every cosmo girl should try.
490. Brittany Murphy – On boys, breakups, and the biggest lie about her.
491. YOUR SECRET SEX CYCLE. Discover the days when you can achieve the most intense
492. Little tricks that will make him melt.
493. Confession of a limo driver
494. Crime story – What drove one girl to stage her own abduction.
495. How to put a bitch in her place.
496. The sexiest games to play with a man.
497. TOTALLY UNCENSORED – GUYS ON SEX. Thousand reveal, their top 2 favorite
positions, their wildest fantasy, the special touch they crave.
498. His body language. The little habit that tells you so much about him.
499. Celeb sex – capades. These slutty tales of top starts will make you wonder why they
don’t call it “slenzywood”
500. 7 foods that go straight to your thighs
501. True – crime story – How a sweet girl fell for a smooth – talking killer.
502. 3 things all guys crave in bed.
503. Angelina Jolie – You’ll never heard about her.. really Easy sexy hair.
504. MEN UNZIPPED. 5 down – there shockers ( and how to handle them brilliantly)
505. You + Him. The once – a – day habit that leads to a lasting bond.
506. Celeb couple body language. Guess who’s on the rocks!
507. Girl kissing girls. What? Just curious.
508. Female urge you should give in to.
509. Confession of a flight attendant.
510. 9 freaky but true sex findings.
511. Gwen Stefan – shares love lesson.
512. 10 SEX TRICKS EVERY WOMAN MUST MASTER. Become an unforgettable lover with
cosmo’s descriptive guide.
513. Little words and gestures all men crave.
514. Cosmo –style. The south beach diet. Peel off 7 pounds fast.
515. His hidden hot spots. Including the v – zone. Lusty scale we’ve only just discover.
516. Feel happier (and in control) on your most crazed days.
517. Real – life read. “Why my husband killed my best friend”
518. Kama Sutra special. 10 thrilling new mattress maneuvers.
519. Jessica Simpson – This say anything star goes even further.
520. 50 ways to look summer sexy.
521. WHAT SEX FEELS LIKE FOR A GUY. The triggers and sensations you never imagine,
(PLUS: How to take his pleasure to the max)
522. 6 signs you’re really meant for each other.
523. Confessions bonus. Hilarious tales of shameless guys, sinful girls, and couples nabbed
524. The gut feeling you should never ignore.
525. Mouthwatering males bodies.
526. Real life read – “I was abducted and stuffed into a truck)
527. Inside his dirty mind.
528. The O.C.’s Mischa Barton – Everything you want to know about her.
529. The secret to “touch me” skin.
530. MAKE SEX HOTTER. We know you’re always craving to push the passion. Develop
these bold tricks will help you do it.
531. The biggest goof women make when they get engaged.
532. 4 hot new makeup looks.
533. Guy – speak, translated. Finally we explain his maddening silences, rude tune – outs.
And weird expressions.
534. Skank Alert! The beauty trend that makes starts look soo trashy.
535. Hillarious hook ups. These sack sessions what went wrong, laugh out loud and pray it
never happens to you.
536. Very sexy things to do after sex
537. Julia Stiles – Lets us into her private life.
538. Little signs “he’s the one”
539. MEN ON SEX. Guys share 75 awesome bedroom tricks used by the best lover they’ve
ever had.
540. What his valentine’s gift really means
541. Love! Our fab 12 – page guide on how to: Nab him. Wow him. Keep him. For as long
as you want.
542. Hollywood hair. The 8 sexiest new styles (steal – them tips included)
543. Warning: Scary / viruses you can catch from water bottles, salad bars, and ATMs.
544. Naughty Party girls.
545. Laugh your butt off at tales of chicks whose rabid lust left them red – faced in the
546. Your “N-SPOT” discover (together) the amazing moan zone. Few women know exists.
547. Alicia Silverstone – Fun Fearless Female of the year.
548. Special Love section.
549. EXOTIC SEX SECRETS. We found the hottest techniques from France, Italy, India &
more. Trust us, you’ve never tried these.
550. 10 things you don’t know about sex but should.
551. buh-bye pooch! Cosmo’s flat – tummy plan. Easy workout and food tricks.
552. The sex disaster men fear most.
553. True-crime story: The day her prince become her killer.
554. What his sleeping positions reveals about his feelings.
555. Turn him on tonight. Sexy words and sounds he craves in bed.
556. Mandy Moore – Like you’ve never seen her.
557. Smart, sexy skills to master by age 30.
558. HOT! HOT! HOT! – BEDSIDE ASTROLOGER 2004. Find out what you’ve destined for in
love, lust and life.
559. 25 sexiest things of the year.
560. Your sexual health.
561. The kiss men crave the most.
562. Real – life read: “ I was stalked by his ex!”
563. 7 strange ideas guys have about sex
564. Why guys marry someone women. And not others.
565. Cosmo men – 63 pages of mouthwatering bachelors.
566. Pick him up tips.
567. Boyfriend – bonding strategies.
568. You, you, you: how to feel stress free when life gets super crazy.
569. Can’t peak with him? Fail proof ways to reach the finish line.
570. Shocker! The kinky sex trend even nice girls are trying.
571. READ HIS DIRTY MIND. Secret sex wishes, he’s dying for you to grant.
572. The 7 best ways to bond with your boyfriend.
573. Finding your G –spot. We tell you where. Then you tell him. The pleasure is
574. Ballsy moves that work (and those that bite back)
575. Celeb couple dirt: these starts act like lovebirds, but we found out they’re faking it!
576. “Airport security pulled out my massage wand” insanely embarrassing stories of
readers who got caught with their sex toys.
577. The trick that gets any man to call.
578. She’s the winner!! Cosmo’s cover model search.
579. Are you good in bed?
580. 101 FABULOUS SEX TIPS. Hint: save #42, #63, and #91 for a night when you feel
extra naughty.
581. 15 brand new ways to meet a guy.
582. Remember that idiot who dumped you out of the blue? At last, an explanation.
583. “I cracked my Tooth stripping for him” Readers’ most hilarious, humiliating sex
584. Cheap little seduction tricks.
585. BIG SEX NEWS! Top experts in male pleasure spill their hottest discoveries – and tell
you how to totally rock his body.
586. 3 signs your is about to cheat.
587. Get naked! Does stripping down stress you out? How to feel soo sexy in the buff
588. Busted in bed: horrifying but hysterical stories of couples who got nailed during
589. 20 things you should unload from your life.
590. Warning: the new trick rapist use in summer.
591. Beyond Kama sutra! We teach you how to give him the most intense pleasure
592. OUR MOST SHOCKING – SEX SURVEY. 15,000+ men tell what they’re aching for. Girl,
the power’s in you hands now.
593. Little habit that keep you from meeting rm. Right
594. Be your sexiest: how to rise to goddess status.
595. Do you always have to pee? Find out why your tank seems so tiny – and the
surprising ways to fix it.
596. What your sex dreams are really telling you.
597. The hottest things to do with a man in 5, 30, & 60 minutes.
598. Yummy: naked bartenders! Scope out these buff boys and you’ll be shaken and
599. Drew Barrymore – The love mistake she’ll never repeat.
600. COSMO SEX SPECIAL. Make his lustiest fantasies come true with these 6 sizzling new
601. What his body’s secretly saying. 6 gestures that reveal his feelings – when he won’t.
602. Cosmo bride: The sexiest gowns, naughty honeymoon ideas, plus: butt –ugly, not to
be delivered bridesmaid dresses.
603. “A little to the left” How to say what you want in bed without bruising hid ego.
604. Be a sex kitten this summer. Hair, makeup and body tricks to make you look hot as
605. How to make a kick –ass relationship last.
606. Bikini bonus: What’s hot this season. The best suits for you blood. Plus: a new shape
up shortcut you’ve gotta try.
607. The down there ache you should never ignore.
608. Men confess: what they really think the first time you get it on (relax, it’s mostly
609. Tricks rapists use against women in the car.
610. 75 sex secrets of couples who don’t know the meaning of ho-hum.
611. FREE! TEAR OUT! – OUR SEXIEST BED GAME. Play it with you guy tonight. He’ll think
he died and went to pleasure heaven.
612. Make love last with these 6 little rituals
613. Guy Confessions special: Some very bad boys spill their sleaziest, stupidest scams. If
the stories weren’t so frekin’ funny, we’d cry.
614. You, you, you. Obliterate stress by discovering your hidden triggers (everyone has
616. Too hot for TV: Juicy Joe millionaire photos. He’s got no cash. But check out his
617. Yikes! 5 things you do that creep him out in bed.
618. Renee Zellweger – Lets loose about love.
619. WOW HIM TONIGHT – 50 SEXY SUPRISES. Just when you thought you’d tried
everything, we whipped up some all – new, all – naughty twists (#39 will blow his mind)
620. You & him. Why asking your honey these questions will bring you soo close.
621. Morning – after beauty. It doesn’t get any sexier than this.
622. The new breed of sex “experts” spill their genius tips.
623. The brattiest stars in Hollywood. She acts nicey – nicey. But behind the scenes, her
claws come out. Trust us, this chick is vicious.
624. From the editors of Maxim. Sneaky test guys use to size you up.
625. His 4 secret sexual needs.
626. Kate Hudson – What she’s really like.
627. GET HIM HOT. 8 Naughty dares to try with you man tonight. We think we’ve outdone
628. The relationship mistake you don’t know you’re making. Here’s how even a
good girlfriend can drive her guy away.
629. 7 surprising reasons French women stay so slim
630. Rapists’ secret weapon. The vile new way predators turn women into victims.
631. Fire up his desire. Little moves that will make a man burn for you.
632. Sandra Bullock – Fun fearless female of the year!
633. 65 WAYS TO LOVE HIS BODY. We take you on a pleasure trip around every inch of
him. All aboard.
634. The 7 sex secrets every cosmo girl must know.
635. How to feel soul-mate close to your guy.
637. Never gem PMS again: Amazing cures for: crabbiness, killer cravings, bloating so bad
you can’t even fit into your “fat jeans”
638. “I sleep with your boyfriend” Devious ways man – stealers seduce good guys.
639. In love or faking? These celeb couples act lovey-dovey, but their body language
reveals the rocky truth.
640. Hot news: The bedroom trick most women haven’t learned. But all men ache for.
641. OUR STEAMIEST – BEDSIDE ASTROLOGER 2003. Love, sex, and life predictions to last
you all year long.
642. 5 games you should play in a relationship.
643. Rip out section for guys: turn him into a perfect lover. Hand this over and prepare to
have your world rocked.
644. The surprising reason you get soo wiped out.
645. Celeb hissy fits. We’ve got the dirt on Hollywood’s high – maintenance divas (they
oughta be spanked!)
646. Make him Ache for you.
647. Shoot to the top of his to-do list with our saucy moves.
648. Halle Berry – Her most honest interview ever.
649. 2002’s HOTTEST SEX NEWS. The best expert secrets. Amazing discoveries. The top
women can’t keep their hands off.
650. Bonus! Guy special. 65 pages on boys, love and lust. Just check out the size of this
651. Sexpose. What his favorite mattress more reveals about his feelings for you.
652. Frazzled? Try our instant de-stress trick.
653. Cosmo report: The surprising thing that can make you target for rape.
654. Naked Chefs! They’re so hot, you’ll burn your tongue when you try to lick the page.
655. Read his dirty mind. The naughty wishes all men have.
656. 40 SEX SECRETS of women who are great in the sack
657. Discover the smartest thing you can do as a girlfriend.
658. Cosmo awards: best beauty stuff. Don’t spend a dime till you read this.
659. “I found his ex in our bed” true tales of psycho chicks who didn’t understand the
meaning of O-V-E-R
660. 7 dreams you must not ignore.
661. Too – Skinny stars. They swear they don’t diet – Liars! We’ve discovered the insane
ways they get to size.
662. His secret moan zones (even he doesn’t know he’s got ‘em)
663. Katie Holmes – The story behind that sexy smile.
665. Beware #58 and beyond are for fearless couples only.
666. Are you meant foe each other? 6 signs you’d never guess.
667. Cosmo true story – “My gyno ruined my sex life”
668. You, you, you – tons of ways to feel today stress-free when the world gets to be too
669. Double you pleasure tonight! Grab your guy and learn the real meaning of “twin
670. You’ll be shocked by what 39% of women do with their girlfriends.
671. Laetitia Casta – Secret life of a super model.
672. THE # 1 THING HE CRAVES IN BED. Its guaranteed to make his pulse pound hard
(better brush up on your CPR)
673. Are you too honest with you man? 5 times to zip it.
674. Found! The sexiest jeans (16 pages worth)
675. Below – the – belt hell. No cosmo girl should ever be without this over- the – counter
676. Caught in the Act bloopers – our readers: so busted! Their excuses: so brilliant.
677. 30 seductive lines to use on a guy.
678. The hottest thing a woman can do. It puts you in control – and sends him to heavens.
679. Sarah Michelle Gellar – Her smokin’ career and sizzling romance.
680. SEX SURVEY 7,000+ GUYS SPILL. The special kiss they crave. The spot they wish
you’d find. The move you should lose pronto.
681. 35 ways to turn a man into a mushball.
682. Sexy hair. Gorgeous styles, no blow – dryer required.
683. Suggest this in bed and he’ll boil over with desire.
684. Read his body language. The 8 gestures you should never ignore.
685. News alert: 4 tricks rapist use in summer.
686. Know for sure what he’s thinking during sex.
687. FOR LOVERS ONLY – BLOW HIS MIND! We’ve got 6 sinfully sexy games. Just follow
our directories and treat him to the hottest night of his life.
688. 25 little rituals that make love last.
689. Lingerie special. The prettiest, yummiest, underthings on earth.
690. Want more energy? How to I.D. the 9 sneaky things that leave you spent.
691. Caught with their pants down II. A juicy, juicy batch of embarrassing mid-booty busts,
you’ll laugh so hard, your face’ll hurt.
692. Real – life read: Murder of a cosmo editor.
693. Be naughty with him!. Take this item to bed. Follow our advice. Feel sinfully
694. Denise Richards – Talks about marrying hollywood’s bad boy.
695. OUR BEST SEX SECRET. A breakthrough so hot, so amazing, experts are raving about
it. And will you too!
696. 6 loving gestures that secretly irk him.
697. Sexy swimsuits. Warning: dangerous when wet!
698. Brides behaving badly. These “nice” girls turned into tyrants and had everyone in the
wedding singing “the comes the bitch”
699. You, you, you. Tense and cranky? Smart new ways to feel like yourself again.
700. Naked Men! Well, half – naked, feast your eyes on our hunks in trunks.
701. #*&@! And other stuff he wishes you’d say in bed.
702. Jennifer Lopez – Answers your burning questions.
703. HIS PLEASURE. There are four, yes, four level of male bliss. Here’s how to take your
guy through the roof.
704. The love test.. Answer these 5 questions to know if he’s a keeper.
705. Guy confession special. Bad boys reveal their dirty, despicable, dumb-ass stunts,
laugh hysterically – and thank God he’s not yours.
706. Look 10 pounds thinner! We show you a fashion trick that melts inches.
707. Real life read: The terrifying way her ex tried to win her back.
708. Your bitch list. 30 things you should never apologized for.
709. How to tell if he’s good in bed.
710. 75 SEXY WAYS TO THRILL A MAN. Warning: by #18, he’ll barely remember his name.
711. The 6 signs a guy is hooked
712. Real-life read: did she poison her husband? You be the jury
713. “A Big star made me shave her pits” Hollywood stylist spill the bratty, bitchy, behavior
celebs are desperate to keep under wraps.
714. His butt. What the size, shape, and pinchtuality of those secret cheeks reveal about
his true self.
715. The last sex taboo(and why you’ll love breaking it)
716. Cameron Diaz – the girl behind those famous blue eyes.
717. OUR MOST SIZZLING SEX SURVEY. 12,000 men confess what makes their toes curl,
even we were shocked.
718. You and him, happy as hell. How to stay, blissfully bonded.
719. Sleep naked and other surprising ways to feel sexier in your skin.
720. She caught a rapist with a straw. A sex crimes detective tells her reverting story.
721. Diet tricks experts don’t dare tell you (but we will)
723. “I raced to my card wearing his curtains” The most wickedly funny walk-of-shame
stories ever.
724. Sweet surrender. The one thing you must give up to have utterly satisfying sex.
725. Britney Spears – Fun Fearless Female of the Year.
726. YOUR GUY’S BODY. 34 secret pleasure trails every man has (take a private tour
727. Blow his mind! Lock the doors, dim the lights, and try this naughty “number” tonight.
728. Sexy, Sexier, sexiest 3 seductive new looks.
729. Real – life read: Her boyfriend did a shocking thing in his sleep. Could yours?
730. Man on top. The 5 yummiest, most successful male models on earth.
731. “Forgive me, cosmo, for I have sinned” These readers behaved so badly, we had to
punish them (see if we were to harsh)
732. Turn – on Tricks. How to make him ache for you all day long.
733. BEST EVER! BEDSIDE ASTROLOGER 2002. your 365 – day guide to finding true love,
sexual bliss and total harmony.
734. The 7 secrets of soul-mate couples.
735. Sexy holiday looks. Warning: it won’t be a silent night.
736. Gyno news your doc is too wimpy to tell you.
737. A chilling report: One cosmo reader tells how she survived the world trade center
738. Is stress making you bitchy? We show you a new way to cool down – like now.
739. Pick-him-Up tips from the editors of maxim “whoops, I forgot my panties” and more
no brainier lines.
740. Julia Stiles and other babes on Hollywood’s buzz list.
741. 99 HOT THINGS TO DO WITH A MAN. Just wait till you try #43 – he’ll thank God he’s
a guy.
742. Tighter love. 5 magic words that will totally fuse the two of you.
743. Inside 69 page all about men section. With 713 mind-blowing tips on men’s love and
744. Are you really a good friend? This test will tell.
745. Sexy beauty. The knockout look guaranteed to make his jaw drop.
746. Bloated? Lose 5 pounds of “pooch” by eating 3 new things.
747. BE HIS BEST EVER! How to satisfy the naughty male needs most women ignore.
748. Guys confess. 5 love-busting mistakes even good girlfriends make.
749. Beauty special. The 30 greatest product out there. (insider swear by his stuff)
750. Real – life read –Her fiancé died at his bachelor party.
751. The one word he’s dying to hear during sex.
752. TOUCH HIM THIS WAY. The perfect pressure, his secret sweet spot and other steamy
753. Be the one the tells everything to. 4 tips to loosen his lips.
754. Fall fashion looks under $50-$100-$200 We found the best stuff minimal money can
755. Real – life read: pretty, popular, and murdered. Why did it happen?
756. Caught with their panties down. They did a bad, bad thing – and got busted! Laugh
your butt off.
757. Rule your world.
758. Does he touch you.. A.hard? B. soft? in between? We decode his caresses.
759. LUST LESSONS. 10 crazy/sexy bedroom tricks to try tonight. Warning: Your neighbors
aren’t gonna like it.
760. Man overload! How to reel in bunches of boys.
761. Sexify your look. Beauty moves so hot, you’ll melt his ice-cream cone.
762. Bummer Summer? Turn it around this minute with these tiny changes.
763. 151, 497 of you begged to see this guy butt naked.
764. Jaw – dropping Celebes’s dirt no one else will tell you.
765. my car turned me on! Hilarious tales of accidental pleasure.
766. Make him crazy for you. The little word that works like magic on men.
767. SEX SURVEY – SEE HOW YOU COMPARE. What other women love. What other
couples do. And oh yes, the shocking act 41% you have tried.
768. The cosmo way to meet a man. 30 genius opening lines.
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770. 7 ways to outsmart a rapist.
771. Don’t bend over backward for him! The shocking secret of women whose boyfriend
are beyond shocked.
772. Feel sexier naked
773. Reese Witherspoon – What she’s never revealed. Until now.
774. HIS BODY (A USER’S MANUAL) The touch, the tickle, the pinch – We guarantee they’ll
tantalize him.
775. Man mysteries solved. Why he does that when hes alone.. and other sexy secrets he’d
never dare tell
776. The lingerie issue! Pages and pages of delicious underthings so soultry, they’ll make
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777. 4 signs he’s way whipped over you.
778. Kick these creeps out of my bed. You won’t believe the depraved, disastrous things
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779. You, you, you! A wacky limit way to double your luck – and adore your life.
780. SUMMER BEDSIDE ASTROLOGER. Will you fall in love? Or just lust? We’ve got your 3
months passion forecast.
781. The cosmo way to make a man commit. (its shockingly easy)
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783. Reach the deepest level of love.
784. 5 surprising secrets super tight couples know.
785. ”He saw me buying granny panties” Readers reveal their most excruciating. Egoshattering
ex-boyfriend bump-ins.
786. 4 sexy studs. You won’t believe the bad, bad things we made them do.
788. TEASE AND PLEASE HIM! The magic finger Up trick, the start-stop-start technique, a
wild new use for your loofah.
789. The confessions issue! You naughty, naughty girls! The most sizzling, sinful, shameful,
secrets we’ve ever collected.
790. Sexy breasts. A daring trick only a cosmo chick would try.
791. How to make him fall hard. 5 little ways to lock up his heart and throw away the key.
792. “Please, no!” The shocking murder of a perfect girl.
793. Meow! Why acting just like a cat, will get people to come to you.
794. Your guy’s horoscope. Taurus? Aries? Our steamy astro cards tell how to seduce every
795. TURN HIM ON LIKE CRAZY. The sound. The tastes. The touches that will electrify
every inch of his body
796. Tantalize Him! The surprising reason being a little bratty will drive him loco with lust.
797. 317 sexy spring looks Plus: your fashion horoscope (What’s right for your sign)
798. Women who lead double lives. “my boyfriend’s clueless about my three secrets
799. The new birth control everyone’s talking about.
800. You on top. 12 ways to take control and love your insane life.
801. Try this with him tonight.
802. SEXIEST SURVEY – 2,500 MEN REVEAL. Their naughtiest wishes. How to flip their
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806. Gyno 911 are your down there itches normal. Or not?
807. Feeling fat after the holidays? Cosmo’s fast, painless pound shedding.
808. “His father saw me butt naked” The most mortifying meet the parents moments ever.
809. HIM CRAVE YOU! The look. The giggle. The grab that will get him quivering for
811. Make him your sensual soul mate. The incredible heartbeat trick and other ways to
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813. “Have you seen my stalker? He’s still out there”
814. 18 fun, sexy ways to make this your most famous fab of the year ever.
815. 8 pages of men in “undies” and what your guy’s choice reveals about him
816. Boxers? Briefs? Or Nothing?
817. The lamest, most laughable excuses real dogs used to dump their girlfriends.
818. “I’m marrying her, so I need the ring back”
819. BEDSIDE ASTROLOGER 2001. Your 365 – day guide to love, passion, success, money.
Plus: your luckiest day
820. Get this close to him. 6 things he needs from you but doesn’t dare say.
821. You sexy party thong! Shimmering eyes, nails, (even hair) that draw men like moths to
a flame.
822. Hunks, hunks, hunks! Yummy shots of tom. Ben, Matt, Jude.
823. 4 words that can stop a dating rape.
824. BE AN AMAZING KISSER. Our sensuous, smooches, including the heavenly
hummingbird, will make him addicted to
825. Man – melting massage. The magic ways to touch his back, arms, even his earlobes.
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827. The confession issue! (This time, guys tell all)
828. The most pattern, ridiculous, outrageous things they’ve even done. Make you
girlfriends roar with laughter.
829. Paycheck expose: down and dirty detail about what other women earn.
830. Freaky signs he’s falling for you (clue #1: he seems distant all of a sudden)
831. Get your period only when you want – or not at all (Really!)
832. Alyssa Milano – How she bounced back from love trouble.
833. MAKE HIM ALL YOURS. Play cosmo’s fantasy game with him tonight – and win his
undying love.
834. How to make him love you. Stronger, deeper, forever.
835. Cosmo’s beauty special 165+ super-sexy ideas for hair, eyes, mouth, cleavage!
836. Gyno horrors. Easy (private)fixes for your must humiliating down-there scares.
837. 4 times it pays to flirt at work.
838. Free! Cosmo’s naughty note cards
839. Lisa Kudrow – The guilty pleasure she can’t live without!
840. SEX – RATED. How sin-sational are you? Learn the secret ways to be a bad, bad girl in
bed and we guarantee he’ll feel sooo good.
841. Is he the really the one? 9 weird ways to tell.
842. 345+ fall fashion finds the sexiest clothes, shoes, boots, bags, and more!
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845. “my sister married my husband”
846. The morning after.
847. How to squash his post – nooky paranoia.
848. KAMA SUTRA 3. you begged for more. Our new batch (13!) is soo intense and
tantalizing, he’ll want to tattoo your name on his chest.
849. 10 girlfriends goof – ups. Teeny weeny things you do that work his last scene.
850. You say: ow! He says: wow! The naked truth about the Brazilian bikini wax.
851. Erotic astrology. Searching for your sexual soul mate? Suss him out with this amazing
852. Pamper Your inner princess.
853. 21 ways to spoil yourself for the next to the dough.
854. Caught with their pants down! Bedroom bust that’ll make you die laughing – and
vow to lock the door.
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858. Have a sex – kitten summer. 33 beauty ideas that will make him purrrr.
859. Do you dread the gyno? How cope with cold hands. Killer questions and other
icky moments
860. Crazy! Nutso! Psycho! “I escaped my rapist”
861. His Lusty wish list.
862. Rebecca Romijin Stamos –On men, movies, and the nude night that changed her life.
863. PLAY WITH YOUR GUY TONIGHT! We dare you to try our tear – cut couple card for a
night of naughty adventure. (hint: both players win)
864. Intensify you love. Say these 7 little words and seal the deal on his devotion.
865. Sexy summer beauty. Tan-talizing touch-me skin. Simple, seductive makeup.
866. You, you, you! Secret ways to stop stressing on hideous days.
867. COSMO READERS CONFESS! 1,001 of you reveal the wild things that make a man
whimper (warning: don’t try them all in one night)
868. Jump – start his heart. Share a secret kind of kiss and other ways to made him crazy
for you.
869. Cosmo’s get engaged guide. 7 signs you’re really ready. How to get him to ask (it can
be done). The most dazzling diamond rings.
870. The hottest thing you can do with a man. When you only have 10 minutes.
871. BEYOND KAMA SUTRA – TANTRIC SEX. Grab your guy and try these 12 ecstasy –
elevating moves and positions – including the outrageous “rocker”
872. You know he loves when.. 6 hidden clues he’s head over heels.
873. The confessions issue! The most over-the-top, eye popping, jaw –dropping secrets
cosmo has ever uncovered. (get ready blush)
874. Still tired after sleeping? Find the extra energy you didn’t know you had.
875. “Am I a man or a woman?” Shocking but true stories of what its like now to know.
876. Hair what’s sexiest now.
877. Unleash you inner seductress. 9 little gestures that make guys to weak.
878. Mimie Driver – listen to how she finally found lasting love.
879. HOW TO TOUCH A NAKED MAN. His 10 secret hot spots. Exactly how to caress them.
The 2 seconds that leads to utter ecstasy
880. Make his love last.
881. 4 sneaky ways to melt a man’s heart.
882. Massage him, knead him, totally please him – three magical things your fingers can
do. And it’s now what you think.
883. The gyno crisis woman dreads. What to do it if happens to you.
884. “I threw her panties in his face”
885. SUPERSIZE YOUR SEX LIFE. Take home 10 tasty tips from the world’s lustiest lovers.
Trust us; he’ll never get his fill of you.
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887. Get cosmo cleavage. The ABCs (and Dos) of curves that will make men stiff.
888. Are you on the internet naked? Perverts are using the internet cameras to broadcast
women’s most private moments. Cosmo investigates.
889. Why half of Hollywood has given up carts.
890. The Incredible kiss that can catch and keep any guy.
891. ADVANCE LOVERS ONLY! You must try the “angel” and 8 other sizzling positions so
hot, you’ll burn a hole through the bed.
892. Sex tricks only cosmos would know. 20 earth – quaking moves that will make him
plead for mercy –and beg for more.
893. Super – sexy hair and makeup. (be a 21st century fox!)
894. She put what in where? Outrageous diet, and healthy regiments that Hollywood stars
swear by.
895. Is you skin aging too fast?
896. 6 words that will make him worship you.
898. When not to do it on the third date. 19,000 guys reveal the new romance rules.
899. BEDSIDE ASTROLOGER 2000. your cosmic guide to men, sex, money, and more in the