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What’s going on guys? I wanna make this video kind of talking about some apps for Shopify. About 40% of people that watch my stuff are on Shopify or they’re using Shopify or something about Shopify. Let’s go over some of the apps — the semi-popular ones that not everyone’s using — that I think you should be.

Facebook Live Chat

Let’s just dive right into this and get into the “Facebook Live Chat” by Zotobox. This is a pretty easy app to install. It’s just it takes you right to the Facebook Messenger.

Let me show you a site that it’s on so this one right here (See Video) as you see it’s just on the bottom right. It’s like this blue thing you can change up kind of how it looks.

You can make it a square or circle and say “Message me!” or something along those lines. It just takes two them right into your Facebook page messenger and you can have support staff there. I prefer to do is download the “Facebook Page App” on your iPhone or on your Android device. It will give you a notification whenever you get a message. You can respond in like two minutes. So it seems like you’re pretty fast and just makes your site that much more trustworthy because you have a quick support.

Plug-In SEO

Back over to Shopify, so the next thing I would probably say is “Plug-in SEO just because if you’re in a small niche you still get some pretty high SEO rankings. If you don’t know what SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It’s pretty much how you rank in Google you know I’ve ranked a few sites a while back they weren’t necessarily e-commerce but you can’t get like an extra 100 to 1,000 people to your site per day just by doing some pretty good SEO and doing some good content and stuff like that. It’s pretty much self-explanatory

MailChimp For Shopify

The next one is just gonna be MailChimp. I’m sure you heard a MailChimp. You’re probably using it. It’s “MailChimp for Shopify” and it’s just gonna connect you to MailChimp so you can send out retargeting emails, abanded cart emails all the good stuff like that.

As I said before this one’s also easy to use and it’s a 100% free up to like 2,000 subscribers.

Which you know that’s gonna take you a while to get and plus it’s only like 15-dollars a month with over 2000 subscribers. You’re gonna make that money back on like the first day of having a 2,000 subscriber email list.

Free Shipping Bar

Alright, besides that a small one that people really underestimate is this “Free Shipping Bar” so if you could think about like how Amazon uses free shipping over $25. That’s just how you can make your advertising a little bit more profitable because people are gonna be buying more than one item just to get that free shipping.

One suggestion I have for this I noticed a lot of people have this problem they make it like a wacky color. Make sure that it matches your theme or your color palette an easy way to do that you can just like if you’re using Chrome you can go down to the Chrome extension – called “Eye Dropper” and so pretty much like you just select a color on the page it’ll tell you the exact hex code.

Then you can just go type in the hex code for this and that works out.

Sales Pop

Now besides that go over to “Sales Pop” is another one I like now this is the one that like gives a notification in the bottom left-hand corner that says “John from Boise Idaho just bought the same exact product you should too” It’s a 100% free, it just makes you page that much more interactive, builds some social proof

That’s It!

Besides that, those are probably the main five one you should have on your site there 100% free you know there are not too many good free apps out there but I think those 5 are definitely some of the best. I’m gonna leave a link down to them in the description of this video. but besides that I just want to make this a little short video definitely go download those they’re gonna help you out you’re not really losing anything by downloading them but besides that, I hope this helped talk soon guys!

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