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Free Shopify Site Review: Beard Oil


What’s going on? So, I have some time to check out your site! Sorry for the long delay. I know it took me like a week, but I’ve just been crazy busy. I’ve had people sign up for my coaching and Free Shopify Reviews and it just took a lot of my time. I didn’t think it was gonna take up that much time, but it did, so sorry about that.

“Today Only”

Now moving on to your site. Let’s just kind of dive right into this thing and talk about what we can do a little bit differently. So first thing we notice when we land on your site is this top banner up here it’s “today only free shipping and handling on all orders!” Now I guess that creates a little bit of urgency but a little people the majority people are gonna be skeptical because they’re like “oh really? today only?” Especially when they visit your site and then come back like a week later and they see that it’s still up. They’ll just they’ll think down on your brand is what I’m trying to say. So I’d remove the “today only” and you just keep the free shipping and handling on all orders that should be fine.

Use A .PNG Logo

Now for this header right here it’s kind of dark and then also you can notice you know if you’re at the right angle on your screen you can see the hint the logo black is different than the background black. So that’s something you might want to fix. All you need to do is go to the logo designer or even go to your logo try to download a PNG which is just a transparent background and that should look pretty good on your site.


Strong Use Of Bold And Italics

So moving down you know your whole homepage it just looks pretty good. I really don’t have too much to say about it. This right here is a little longer you might want to add some bold, italics to certain points just to make it pop out. Most people are just gonna skip right over this.

Don’t Over Sell

One thing before I do that I notice a lot of your items look like they’re on sale but that just kind of you know it just makes it just makes your site looks like it’s all a ploy to get them to buy more. So pretty much what I do when I’m advertising, I just advertise one product and I just have that one product on sale. You might want to advertise like 3 offers to work and yeah just make those the only three items that are on sale.

Review Situation

Alright, so you got two reviews… (Work On That).

Estimated Delivery

Now estimated delivery time 7 to 21 days you know with Amazon these days people are gonna flip out over that. So what I’d probably do is just remove that to where it’s not like the first thing they see and just kind of put it down in the description and then kind of explain it you know to tell them it takes a few days to make it on demand for you. Plus then it takes a little bit to ship. Hopefully, they’ll understand a little bit more, but yeah right, when they see that as prominent as that is you know they’re kind of skeptical.

Creating Urgency

Now moving down this right here this is fine one thing you might want to consider doing is I know “Hurrify” they came out with an update now — I haven’t used Shopify in a while so you know don’t don’t hold me to this — but what I hear is they have the little sales notification that comes up here and it also dropped one in the stock. So that’s cool and it just makes your pages a little bit more interactive.

Removing Pop-Ups

Now if this pop up right here completely remove it it’s just terrible don’t even. It’s just discounting your brand that’s why I wouldn’t do it, especially if you’re not like doing an exchange for an email or something like that. Now if you do want to exchange for an email or connect to the messenger that’s fine you can do that I just want to give them a discount just because.

Blogging Is Dead

Going over to your blog you definitely want to update this it looks like you updated it just the other day so definitely go add some more you see and blogging is dead. You might want to,  it makes your site look active. I do some blogging but most of them are just because of their transcripts to my videos. Just in case you’re like in a doctor’s office and you don’t want to watch my video. You can go read the transcribed version on my website. Because not a lot of people will you know go and read these days. They would much rather watch a video or you could just make an infographic with it or something along those lines. You’re not gonna go viral over a blog it’s kind of a waste of time.

So what I would do I would go do some video marketing just transcribe it and that’s probably the best thing I’ve said all day so definitely go do that.

Come Back For Another Free Shopify Review

That’s pretty much the video you know once you make those small minor changes feel free to come back for another free Shopify review. I’ll make another review of your site. I hope this helped, talk soon!

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