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Best Shopify Reviews: YOO-GLI?


Best Shopify Reviews: What’s going on? So I had some time to check out “YOO-GLI.” I’m not really sure what that means but, alright let’s just dive into this.

Step #1, Start Over (haha)

So the 1st thing I would do probably is just rebranded the site. I’m not sure how you picked your domain, how you picked the name of this but just from first impressions, it’s kind of hard to tell why.

Color Scheme (All About Contrast)

Alright so let me just say you know your backgrounds a little dark. It makes the site look a little sketchier. Darker sites don’t have the same trust as sites of a white background. It’s just because the white backgrounds are really trending and people are still very skeptical about you know sites online. A lot of people know that you can still get scammed and stuff like that. So my first recommendation just makes the background white.

What’s On Your Menu?

Next, have a menu up here (SEE VIDEO) so right now it just says “Store.” So what I would probably have is a menu that says “home, categories, contact” and maybe if you want to add a blog you can add a “blog” – so pretty much that’ll just give them a pretty nice header to look at.

Epic Hero Images

Then also you have just a very silver of a hero image. I would just expand this to maybe 300 to 400 pixels (HEIGHT). One other thing you could do is if you want to like customize the hero image. You go on over to this is a 100% free software. I recommend it to everyone. All you got to do is go over here to more (SEE VIDEO) and I usually pick out hold on where’s that this “Facebook cover.” It’s 800 pixels by 300 pixels. You could also get like this “LinkedIn banner.” Whatever dimensions you know you think fits your site. a

Adding Relevancy

Make your domain revolve around protecting laptops. So people just automatically know when they’re clicking on the URL what they’re getting themselves into. So they kind of understand.

No One Cares About Your Mission

Also, remove the “Mission” not a lot of people care about the mission these days.

Building A List

Then a good “Subscribe for 20% off” you’re doing good right there.

Basic Conversion Rates

Alright so the product pages are not terrible, you should be able to convert you know at least 1%-2% of people who land on here. You might want to add a countdown timer just add some scarcity and so they’re afraid of missing out.

Make Those Changes, Let Me Know

Once you make those changes let me know and I’ll go do another review of your site I usually notice more things on the second time around. Mostly because I’m just trying to get the major things out of the picture right now.

Best Shopify Reviews Recap

Besides that, I hope you like this video I’ll recap one more time; (1) rebrand so they know what they’re getting into, (2) add the menu, (3) work on your slider, (4) remove extra filler, (5) change up your color scheme, (6) work on the footer, (7) work on your product pages just a little bit. But, besides that man, I hope this helped, talk soon!

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