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Shopify Website Review: Coffee, Tea & Books


Shopify Website Review: What’s going on? So I had some time to check out Coffee Tea & Books. I gotta say overall the site looks really clean. I do enjoy it. I enjoy your niche. I think it’s very unique so I’m gonna make a few little changes. Nothing too major, it’ll take you like 5 to 10 minutes to make these changes. I think it’ll make your site just look a lot better in general.

Color Scheme

So first things first have to do if your color scheme. I notice your top banner and some of your buttons are more of a darker orange than your logo. I really like my websites to match my logo. Especially when you have these very elaborate logos. I think your logo looks pretty good actually. I would just change the secondary color of your page to a normal orange. I’ve already picked out the color for you. So this is a color picker it just like takes the colors right off of a page so the color you need to change it to is #FF9F00 and so that’s the default Orange. It’ll make things pop. It’ll make things just look a lot brighter on your site, a lot happier. I understand you’re trying to go for like the coffee look and everything. But I think the brighter color will definitely work out in the long term.

Sliver Of Slider

Now moving down to your slider, this is really just like a sliver of a slider. So what I suggest is — see on the slider image right here you know it’s a very big it has this text over it’s like almost a call to action — use apps like and write text over it and make nice sliders. If you do need more background images you can go over to and you can just find cool photos.

The main changes that you should make and will just really make your homepage look beautiful and people just like your site just because it’ll just look so nice.

Know What Products Are Hot!

Besides that, down here at staff picks I think you should probably not be selling watches. You know the whole fashion niche is kind of hard. You can probably just remove that product it’s not gonna get you many sales anyway. But what I would also do for the staff picks is show you some normal products. I definitely not want to have all your free plus shipping up here. I would add some normal full price products up here. Make the free plus shipping seem that much more exclusive or that much more special.

Fooling Them With “Books”

Alright, so moving down a little bit more categories these are fine. People might get a little confused about “Books right here just because there are no books in this actual category. So what you could do is you could go add some books maybe you could do like Amazon affiliate books or something like that. Just kind of figure out some way to do that or make that just a little bit more relevant.

Random Reviews? My Thoughts (Ehh)

A little bit further down and you find these reviews right here. I have mixed emotions about this right here because it’s kind of random. But at the same time, it builds a lot of trust on your site. People get to see all these reviews. I think probably you could just keep it. I think it really makes your site unique but I don’t think I wouldn’t like having those.

Shop By Instagram? How Bout Dat?

What you could add to your homepage also is like Instagram API where your Instagram images just come on your homepage. You could probably add that before these reviews. Just have these reviews at the very bottom so you’d have the Instagram images, click on it, and it’ll take them to a product page with all your products and the image on it.

Coffee Blog — No Point Necessary

Also, you could you could just add a blog if you want to you want to blog about coffee and tea and stuff like that, of course, you could do that. I think that would you know build some trust on your site and start branding. You could do some videos on making tea or anything like that just be creative about it.

Add Some Urgency — T-Minus 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

Going over to some of your product pages like this one right here now for your free plus shipping. Since it’s on sale I’d probably add like a sales countdown just add some urgency and besides that, you might want to consider just removing this “Free” right here. I’m not sure if someone told you to do this but you know personally they’ll notice that it’s free.

Quality Copywriting

Now your copywriting is pretty good. You have a nice amount of text. But, you might just want to import some reviews, especially on this product if this is going to be free plus shipping. You’re gonna be running ads for it. If there are no reviews to import of course just you know to remove the whole review section.

Join A A-List (Fancy Pancy)

Then for the “join our mailing list” you might want to change that if you want actual people’s emails. You might want to say “10% off your first order” or something along those lines and of course, you can retarget those people and you’ll probably have a lot of success with a retargeting list.

Shopify Website Review Standards (Which Are LOW)

So pretty much that’s about it for your site. You’re doing a pretty good job so far. Especially for Shopify, I mean this is a decent-looking Shopify site. I’ve definitely seen you know websites look better than this but you know Shopify wise so they don’t give you a lot to work with. I think you’re doing really great on it. You’re really using it to its full potential.

Contact Me For A Lil’ Somethin’ Somethin’

But with that being said you know if you do want a more advanced site of course just send me another contact and you know I can I can help you work on that.

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