Thursday, May 17, 2018
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Website Review: Jacobs Vocal Academy


What’s going on, Jacob? So I gotta say I’m pretty impressed by what you got going on here. I saw you had a million views on one of your YouTube videos and this vocal warmup right here was pretty cool. So I just want to dive into the design of your site really quick.

Having A Epic Initial Logo

Let’s get started, all right? So first things first I would change your logo just to the “JVA” I think that looks really cool. The “Jacobs Vocal Academy” I know it’s just — just keep the “JVA” I like the initials. It looks really awesome.

Keeping Menu Font Basic

Now for the menu items, you have here, they’re all in bold. I would take them out of bold. It’s a little bit easier to read and they’re not so thick.

Colors That Go Together Better Than Red, White & Blue

Now moving down here I do like the colors of those sliders. One thing with these share buttons (SEE VIDEO) you know if you have a million views on YouTube. it just kind of deteriorates the fact of how good your course is just by having this zero shares. So I would just remove that.

Add Graphics To The Budget

Maybe if you have some extra budget in your design, I would go over to like Upwork or Fiverr and get someone to go into like Adobe and create just a beautiful book designs

White Space (Too Much Or Too Little?)

Now moving down here the subscribe to our mailing lists. It creates just like a lot of white space. So either I would; just have the email list or I would just remove the complete subscribe to our mailing list.

The Use Of Timed Pop-ups

I would suggest just having a pop-up maybe 20 seconds in. Within the 20 seconds, you could expect for someone to be watching this “Vocal Warmup” and they’ll have a little bit of fun doing all the la, la, las and stuff like that and are more likely to subscribe.

Correct Button Sizes, Does It Fit The Hole?

Moving down some more, you might want to reconsider the size of these buttons.

The Footer

For this footer right here I would just make these a little smaller (SEE VIDEO) so they’re not overlapping and they all have the space that they need.

Keeping Blogs Alive

Your blog page is fine you might want to update that.

Fonts Matter

You might want to you know to increase the font of this right here (SEE VIDEO) So it’s a little bit bigger and the same thing for over here.

That’s It For Jacobs Vocal Academy

Besides that I mean everything’s looking pretty good. I like your site is just a simple landing page. When you have great content you don’t really need the best website in the world. but it certainly doesn’t doesn’t hurt to have a good one. I hope this helped, talk soon!

Mitchel Turner

Mitchel Turner

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