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eCom Site Review: What’s going on? So I had some time to check out Lloydie Apparel. I want to give you a quick design review and then maybe I’ll move into some marketing, advertising, Facebook and Instagram stuff.

Discounting — With Nothing In Return

So first things first, right off the bat you’re discounting your brand by having this “20% Off + Free Shipping.” I’m not a big fan of discounting on your website. Now it’s perfectly okay to do that on an advertisement because it just has a completely different effect. But for your top bar, what people just typically say is “Free Shipping On All Orders” or like “Free Shipping International” or even “Free Shipping Worldwide” I just say one of those three things and you should be fine.

Blurry Images

Now moving down to your slider. You have some nice graphics throughout your site but this slider and this one down here (SEE VIDEO). They are kind of blurry images, one thing I would do is just to make sure that these images aren’t blurry. Make them really crisp because usually the homepage is the most popular page and you can’t have the first thing being blurry. It’ll lose a little bit of trust.

Another thing I would do is this text right here it’s kind of a different font than like the text from these down here (SEE VIDEO). So I would just change it to be the same text.

Product Pages

Let me go check out one of your products to talk about. You can do one thing if your items on sale. You could have a sales countdown and then one more thing you could add a trust badge.

And for the “Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery“, you could say “Do to extremely high demand allow one week for the products to be made and then another week for the product to be shipped.” So obviously it’s not going to sound that shitty but you know make something very intriguing so it seems like it’s a very high demand.

I think your website is 99 to 100 percent complete of course you could add some more features like upsells and cool stuff like that but I think your site’s done.

Instagram Influencer Basics

Talking about advertising or some marketing you can do. I was checking out your Instagram, it’s pretty good. You have a lot of models or these might be influencers I’m not really sure. One thing I would do since you’re an apparel brand go find some influencers with like 50,000 followers. I wouldn’t go into like the 1,000,000 follower range. But that 50,000-100,000 followers range you can usually get an influencer to post a picture of them wearing that one of your shirts or something like that for like $20. In that deal you want to make sure that you get (1) a link in their in their bio (2) also get on their Instagram story and (3) then have a regular post. Try to arrange that between like 20 to 40 bucks. Just do a little bit of negotiation but you definitely want all 3 items. The post, the story, and the link. Think that’s pretty much it for influencer marketing.

Optimize Your Pixel

Facebook advertising which is pretty easy. All you have to do is put a pixel on your “Thank You” page. Then run a ton of traffic to it. Obviously, you want to target it pretty specifically. But once the pixel gets a pretty good audience and you have some emails to make a Look-Alike Audience (LLA), you shouldn’t have too many problems getting traffic.

That’s It For This eCom Site Review

I hope this video helped or as short as it was. I really didn’t have too many design things to say. I do think your website is looking pretty good for the niche that it’s in. It’s really full as compared to some of the other sites that I’ve seen. Go subscribe to our YouTube channel if you like this video. I’m gonna come out with a lot more content than eCom Site Reviews in the future. Hope this helped, talk soon!

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