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Shopify Store Review: Tech Theory


Shopify Store Review: So I had some time to check out I got to say the first impression this is a pretty good site. Nothing really sticks out. It doesn’t look like a scammy site. But, with that being said, I just want to take this frame by frame give you a ton of advice on what I would do personally.

Who Am I To Judge?

So I’m sure you don’t know me. I’m just a web developer, I have about 4 years of experience so I think the stuff I’m about to tell you is pretty reliable.

The Love For Random Capitalization

So first things first, for the top bar up here. I typically capitalize the first letter of every word in my top bar. That’s going to be completely up to you. I think it looks better. I’m not sure if clients would or customers will change their opinion about your site over it. It’s something cool to do and it also matches this menu right here (SEE VIDEO).

Your logos fine. Pretty much everything up here is fine.

Slider Showdown (Use Canva)

Moving down to your slider, this is just the default Shopify slider. I’m not a big fan of them (THE SLIDER). I honestly tell everybody, go watch the rest of my videos, that the Shopify slider just sucks terribly. What I do suggest is you go over to Create a custom slider 100% free. They look amazing. I wish I had some live examples to show you but I don’t — I’m sorry.

Don’t Discount Your Brand

Now, discounting your brand right off the bat? I’m not a bit a big advocate of that at all. So I definitely wouldn’t have this on your slider: “SPRING10 For 10% Off At Checkout.” What I would suggest is give 10% Off in your actual Ad. So in your ad image say “Get 10% Off Some Tech Gadgets By Using TECH10” or something along those lines. It creates certain psychological effects and it also makes your Ad perform better. I don’t want to go into too much detail, I could honestly make an hour video of everything it does. So just do that and remove this from your slider so you’re not discounting your brand.

Keep It Consistent (White Backgrounds)

Moving down the page some, just make all these backgrounds white like this one right here (SEE VIDEO) this one right here (ALSO SEE VIDEO) and this one right here (ALSOOO… SEE VIDEO) and this one right here (I PROMISE THIS IS THE LAST ONE) are all white backgrounds. I like my things to match. All you have to do is — if you have a Mac — go over to Pages and go to “Instant-alpha” It’s as easy as that. You just remove the background. If you don’t have a Mac I don’t know what to tell you. Go search Google.

Filling Your Home Page

Now you just come into a bunch of filler down at the bottom of the page. Which that’s fine. I just won’t have this all in italics. I would have normal text — if you say anything important you can italics or bold it.

Blogging For eCom

Then your little blog right here this is pretty cool. Not a lot of people have blogs. Let’s see what day is it (05/17/18) all right it’s the 17th. So you want to update this like once a week. So people know you’re still alive and you’re not a scam. Another thing I would do is make sure all the images are of the same crop. Which pretty much means you’re not stair-stepping (SEE VIDEO) with these blog posts right here. It’ll just make it a little bit better. For these “read more” (BUTTON ON WEBSITE) they’re kind of hard to see. Just go play around with some code and see if you can’t get them into you know a more readable color.

Footer Menu

Now coming down to the bottom shipping information, what I would have is Shipping — just Shipping — also have Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

The Million Dollar Questions

The only problem is now is are your products good enough? Is your advertising good?

Product Pages (Common Mistakes)

All right so let’s move over to your product pages. Let’s see what you got going. all righty, so it looks like you have pretty custom names on all of these. So the first thing I’m looking for is a description, a full description. What is this? What it comes with? You don’t want to pull the actual description off of Aliexpress but definitely, want to answer people’s questions.

Having a lot of images is good too.

But besides that go grab an actual trust badge. Just go over to Google and search and “trust badges” and pick one up.

Maybe import some reviews of the product and you should be set.

Maybe throw in a video and what would be cool.

That’s All For This Shopify Store Review

Pretty much that’s it on your site. I hope this video helped a lot. Feel free to subscribe to my new youtube channel. I just started making videos a few weeks ago I’m trying to get and you know a 1,000 people. We got a long way to go! But besides that yeah I hope this helped. Talk soon!

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