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Shopify Site Review: [ANGLERSLAGOON] 2018


Shopify Site Review

What’s going on Blake? So I had some time to give you a Shopify site review. I do have some suggestions to make. I don’t have too many. I think looks like the classic bait n’ tackle shop website. You know for bait and tackle shops you don’t have to go above beyond, this is definitely what people are expecting. If you want some sites to look at of course go see

Avoid Extra Features No One Will Use

Let’s just go over a few small things. This “feedback” (SEE VIDEO) right here, not a lot of people are going to be giving you feedback. Sometimes it just gets in the way.

Another thing is once you hover over your product images, it gives you these tags. I would just remove the tags. You can make that change in your settings.

High-Quality Images Build Trust

Moving down a little bit, I do like your category images. They’re really high-quality.

Create A Better Offer For Newsletters

For the newsletter subscribe, I would just say “20% off your first order” just to capture an email address. A lot of people don’t care about getting special deals or flash sales. Just go ahead and give them that 20%. What that will do is recover a ton of your lost carts. When people get the 20% off, they already have something added to their cart. So you’ll put them on an email list and that’s pretty easy.

Remove Hosting Company Branding

Besides that, I would just remove this “Hosting & Design By” Why hosting companies do this is to get backlinks to their site. So they appear higher in Google. It just doesn’t look as professional having a “designed by” in the footer. So it’s usually pretty easy to remove.

Cleaning Up Product Pages

Let’s go check out some of your product pages. Everyone has problems on the product pages. What I would do is add the countdown sales timer for products you have on sale.

For your description, feel free to go through and bold or italics any important information. Like, “corrosion protection” you know stuff like that. Look for information that makes your visitor want to buy. Definitely, don’t want to just bold and italics the whole thing.

Now moving down here (SEE VIDEO) once again you might want to split this up a little bit. People see this huge jumbo paragraph and they’re not likely to read it. So if you want them to read it, I would split it up like every three lines. Put a space between the lines.

Also, try to import some reviews. If you don’t if you can’t import reviews just remove the review section. It’s as easy as that.

Creating Content For Ecommerce

For your blog page what I would recommend for you is — I see you look decently dedicated to your blog. It looks like you just posted these all on March 30th. I’m not sure if you just went and imported a ton of stuff? But marketing wise what I think would be a good idea for you just go fishing like once a weekend. Video record the whole thing, you know tell some jokes, catch some fish and just talk about like the rod and the reel you’re using. Go fishing for like an hour and then split those clips up into 10-minute pieces. Then post those 10-minute pieces online you know once every night maybe around like 5 or 6 o’clock.

That’ll get you a lot of organic traffic through YouTube. It’ll build a lot of trust to your site and then, of course, you can do retargeting ads and get sales that way.

That’s About It

Besides that, I think your site looks really good. I’m not sure if you got your website professionally done or if you built it yourself. But if you did do it yourself I applause you on that. You did a pretty good job. The only thing I would do now is create fishing content on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. I hope this video helped you out a lot anyways man, talk soon!

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