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Shopify Store Review: TIME4OFFERS

Shopify Store Review

Shopify Store Review

So, first of all, just run around on your site I notice you’re more of a general store. A lot of people are going for that these days. My first suggestion is you definitely want to niche down. I noticed like in this category right here (SEE VIDEO) you had like a bath bomb. You could definitely just revolve your whole site around bath bombs.

Use Competitor Research

If you want to go see what other people’s sites look like and the bath bomb or a bath niche you can, of course, do that. I think your site design could go and match bath bombs as compared to anything else you’re selling on your site like RC cars or a niche like that.

Capitalize On A Niche

I think the bath bombs are gonna be a great idea for you can capitalize on. I don’t think really anyone has so far.

Pick A Hot Color Scheme

Besides that, the color scheme. The green and the white let me see — a little bit of red. That’s a pretty decent color scheme. I really don’t have to complain about that.

Don’t Forget To Adjust To Changes

Alright, so if you are gonna go change your niche up to bath bombs you’re just gonna have to change your title and your domain. But, that’s no big deal, people do that all the time.

Menu UX Is Key

Let’s go check out your menu. Okay, cool, you have “Track my order” Let’s try to figure out where you should put these menu items for best user experience. What I would probably do is you really just need like; home, catalog and our story. Probably put track my order and shipping down in this the smaller menu right here (SEE VIDEO) or you could possibly leave track my order up in the top menu. I’m not sure if I would have “Shipping” but it’s completely up to you of course.

Hero Sliders Should Be Sexy

So next thing I would do is change up your slider. Shopify doesn’t give a good option for heroes sliders. So I want to show you a site — I actually did a review another site before and I think they did a great job making the changes. So before they had something like you. They just had the background stock image with the Shopify overlay. But, if you go over to, a free graphic design website. You can build cool designs. They might actually use but they’re pretty much the same.

Understand Page Scroll “Heat”

For “Who we are” I might actually move it down the page. Usually, have collections or a list of products up at the top. Because what happens is people begin to scroll there are sections to where people click away. So obviously this up here is going to be the hottest zone. This is where everyone sees. Then moving down a little bit, a little fewer people are gonna see that. Then almost no one is going to come down here (BOTTOM).

Grab Their Attention Up Top

What I would do I would make things that really get the customers attention up at the top now. Obviously, you shouldn’t be sending ads to your homepage. You need to be sending ads to a product page. But, once people get to know your brand they’ll just start searching your actual domain and if this is gonna be the first page you’re gonna want to keep their attention. You don’t want them bouncing off your page.

Make Things Relevant

Whatever you want to do so just make you know the category images revolve around that specific niche.

Keep Things Even

1 suggestion I would make is don’t have an uneven amount of products in a row. So you have 3 right here but you go to 2 right there. So just remove those two, really easy fix, shouldn’t take you too long.

Give Ethical Bribes

Just one thing that can definitely help out your subscriber rate is instead of saying “Subscribe to receive more offers some promotional codes.” Just say “Subscribe for 20% off your first order” When I go to a site I’m definitely looking for coupons especially if it’s a new site.

Turn “Our Story” Upside Down

Our story” we can talk about this. I see what you’re trying to do here. A lot of people try to be like “we’re different than other stores” which just end up sounding a little cliche. Usually, I don’t even have like an “Our story” or “About us” page. Go check out my site and as you see I just have the blog post.

You can either remove this page. Or I would definitely increase the text size of this. Just don’t sound like a cliche. I would definitely focus more on the actual brand and the community.

Good Artist Copy, Great Artist Steal

You can go check out other people’s sites. Like lush cosmetics, they probably have an “About Us” page. Just steal people’s copywriting from their site. Go check out some other people’s sites see what they’re About page says.

Alright, so this is almost like the blog page. So you get the idea. Pretty much do anything with it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be “About us. It would actually be cool if you went and you did a blog about your story.

Product Pages Are Hard For Everyone

I’m gonna go review some actual product pages for you. For prices, if you want to become profitable, especially when you’re running Facebook ads and you’re just getting started out. Definitely, want to be in that $20 to $30 range. What I would do is combine and have little packages of bath bombs.

Speed Round — Go!

You could probably work on the name a little. Give it a special little name.

I definitely wouldn’t have this “Add to Cart” button that’s shaking. You’re gonna make someone nauseous.

This trust badge right here it’s like an overkill. You really don’t have to overkill with your trust badge.

Have a decent size for a product description (1-2 Paragraphs)

Don’t “Wash Out” Your Features

A lot of people are making the same mistake. Why they’re making a mistake is when people see bold, they are automatically more attracted to that. So you want this to be the more important stuff down here. The “net weight”, people don’t care about the net weight. They might care a little bit about the ingredients.

  • The bullet points and the bold really pull their attention more than it does with this big long paragraph.


I hope this video helped. I know it’s running a little long it’s about ten minutes but yeah pretty much to recap.

1. Make your niche more specific
2. Make your hero image through
3. Edit your menu for UX
4. Document your story in a blog
5. Work on product pages

Make those changes and I think it would be a lot better website definitely, more profitable. You did a great job so far without any help. I really applaud you for that one. But, besides that, this was my Shopify Store Review. Talk soon!

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