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Starting A Hit Website For $15/Month (2018)


Alright guys, So I had a weird question today and that is how to start an online business — or Starting A Hit Website — for $15 a month. Now that sounds kind of ridiculous but it’s definitely possible. So in this video, I’m just going to show you how I would go about that. This is honestly what I did back when I was in high school. I just did it a little bit differently but this is how I would do it today.

Getting Small-Time Investors

We’re on a $15.00 budget a month so let me calculate some of our upfront cost. Now obviously buying a website theme cost about $60 to a $100. So if you’re wondering “Well, how the hell am I going to get us 60 to 100 bucks? I only have $15 a month” Now what I’m gonna suggest on that is going to your neighbors, go to family members and getting funding for your site. You know if you can’t get them just to straight-up give you money, you say “Alright well you make an investment, if I make this money back I’ll give your money back plus $5 something.” It is really easy especially if you’re in high school, or college you know people like to see “go-getters” and “self-starters” and stuff like. They’re probably gonna just give you 20 bucks. You might have to go to a few different people. But anyways what I’m saying is it’s pretty easy, you just gotta ask. You never know until you ask people for some funding. It’s not that much money, I mean you’re trying to gain like a hundred bucks to start this business up.

Starting A Hit Website

So once you buy the theme, I’m gonna say the theme is $60. So if we have any other surprise cost we can cover them too with our $100. But the main thing we’re gonna need is a domain and hosting. On right now, which is one of the fastest hosting companies. –There’s also Hostgator, there’s also Bluehost. — I use Bluehost but is allegedly faster. I should probably switch over to them. So starting out they give you a special deal. It’s like $3 well, pretty much $4. So we’re gonna round up to $4. Then go over here to it’s gonna be like $9/year to buy a domain.

So we’re pretty much sitting at $5 a month for our hosting and for our domain name. I don’t think we’re gonna have too many other surprise costs than that right there.

Now We’re Live

So we have our theme. We’ve uploaded it to our hosting, we’re now live. What we’re going to pretty much do is go to some businesses and tell them our idea (Get them to f****** buy.)

Learn SEO

Or we can actually just go ahead and build up some of the stuff. Like if you’re in London you can, of course, do all the landmarks. What you’re trying to do here is increase your SEO rankings. So whatever this bridges name is, if you rank #1 in Google for this bridges’ name you’re gonna get a lot of traffic to your website. It’s like your local area so something I would do is — I’m in Greenville so I would you know rank for something called like the “Reedy
River” which is pretty much just a river that runs through downtown. It’s as easy as that! You can be ranking for keywords and also you’re going to be ranking for like restaurants when someone searched “restaurants in the city” you pretty much want to rank right here or right there (SEE VIDEO) or just the top 3.

Talk To Business Owners

Once you’re doing that you can go talk to businesses. Now, this is a hybrid business this is not all online. You’re actually gonna have to go talk to some business owners. Like people that own restaurants and just be like “Hey, I just started up this new website it’s ranking pretty high it’s getting a lot of publicity.

Put Out Flyers

Another thing you can do to gain publicity is to go print out flyers at your school or just find a printer. Something that easy is that just go put those things around town. That’ll get some people interested.

Try Social Media Marketing

Also, you can do Social Media Marketing. You can do influencer marketing. Just get people to post on your site. Just driving traffic to your site and getting people (Businesses) to pay and then you make the visitors on your site interested in the restaurants around your city.

You Make Your Money Back Fast

So if that’s not simple enough, I don’t know what is. Even if you just have one client you’re making your money back. You’re making that $15 back a month plus $5.00 if you’re charging $20 a post per month.

Make Sure You Make The Customers Happy

This is what the post looks like (SEE VIDEO) you can give special deals here “Mickey’s Dairy Bar” and so it tells like the price range and there’s just a lot of cool different things that you can do on this. It just kind of shows about it, you give some videos.

Essentially, Your Marketing Restaurants

So you’re just going to be marketing people’s businesses on your site. It’s really easy, this is the easiest type of business. A lot easier than the newspaper business that I used to do. Because I used to have to get sales weekly.

Any Questions?

But besides that, if you have any questions about starting a hybrid business for $15 a month feel free to just leave a comment. This is really beginner friendly. The thing I like about that is you still get to get out in your community. I feel like I’m online all day. I really haven’t left my house and you know 2 months. So, it’s nice to get out to your city and you know to be able to talk to some people. You get to network.


Just to recap all you need is the $1/month a domain the $4/month hosting and then just some upfront money for an actual theme. Then you just got to do social media marketing which is free. Print out flyers which would be close to free. Just go talk to people and get sales yourself. Once you get used to it you’ll be doing pretty good. If you have questions leave a comment, besides that guy’s talk soon!

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