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Retro Joystik – eCommerce Site Review


Retro Joystik: eCommerce Site Review. What’s going on Kevin? So I was checking out your site want to give you some feedback on just you know some basic things from the eyes of a web developer. So not a lot of people know me. I’m just kind of starting out on you know YouTube channels, stuff like that pretty much I’m a web developer. I’ve been doing this for years now. I started out and liked it as a newspaper editor and then that kind of took me into designing websites and blogging and stuff like that. So that’s how I got all my experience. I’ve been doing this for a while now blah blah blah.

The Darks And The Lights

Let’s just focus on you. Alright, so first things first I landed on your site and it looks a little dark — that’s you know — that’s common for the whole gaming niche and stuff like that. So I really don’t have a problem with that at all. What I do want to make a suggestion and this is gonna be a 100% up to you. This isn’t one of the things I’m saying you have to do this is try having this white text on this deep purple background. The reason I’m saying you don’t necessarily have to do this if you’re gonna have to see for yourself. If this highlight of yellow right here eats up the white text and if it does just leave it black that’ll be fine. I really like the slider in general and most people have a lot of problems with their sliders but I think you did a good job. I’m not really sure how you created this — definitely, leave me a comment telling me you know what software you used if it was Adobe or you know something like that.

Use A Logo

Also just take this logo right (SEE VIDEO) you throw it up in the top left make sure it’s white in the top left because it’s got this black background. But besides that, I think you’ll be Gucci with you know you’re above the fold design.

Now moving down a little bit let’s just talk about your some of your products they look really high-quality. I do enjoy your niche the whole online — you know — what the — gaming…

Beefy Product Descriptions

Alright so pretty much let’s talk about your product descriptions. So you did a great job having you know this trust badge right here the only issue is descriptions. You know it’s a little flimsy. What I would do is you know maybe add some jokes and some allusions you know, don’t go over the line with it. But I definitely just kind of beefed up this content right here. For the key features, I bet you’re targeting people in the United States. You know, if you’re not — just ignore this. So you’re saying like “5cm” people in the United States. We don’t know centimeters worth a shit and honestly, people won’t care because they understand the pennant size by this guy’s hands right here. Hopefully, it’s not like some tiny doll hand or anything creepy like that. So they get an accurate description of what that is now some other things I would add. You don’t really need the material and the length and stuff like that maybe having something like your shipping policy your return policy you know all the important stuff that is really gonna care about.

Only Keep The Important

Of course, this is all situational if you’re coming over to something like a t-shirt. People are gonna need to know something like if it’s 100% cotton or if it’s polyester. Also if it’s like true to size which these are probably the two most important things you need to say. “Mens” that’s kind of the dead give away and “Extra stylist” once again, you know no-brainer.

About The Instagram API

So moving down the homepage a little bit more this is fine right here don’t really have problems. “#youmightbeagamer” you know this is fine right here too. I do enjoy how you have your Instagram API integrated with your website. It makes it look real nice one thing I would avoid is not having captions on these images just add a lot of extra unnecessary whitespace and you know you don’t want that on your site.

Blogging Blunders

Now down to the blog, so a lot of people are kind of confused about a blog. Either you don’t have one or if you do have one you need to go all-out on it. When I say that I mean you can’t just post one in March have it be in the middle of April and you haven’t posted another one. So what most people do is they try to have a few updates on their site every week. Once you get really big once you’re a big brand you have to do it like once or twice a day. You don’t have to but you know that’s just common sense because it helps with SEO. Of course, you might not care about that right now.

Full & Focused Footer

For your footer down here you know just add a little bit of more text or something like that just because it looks a little blank right now.

Top Menu Is For Top Pages

I’m not sure if I if I did mention this up here on your top menu? But you don’t need your return policy and your shipping up to the top and because it’s already down in the footer menu.

All You Need Is SSL Security

All right now next thing is in probably the last thing is this McCafe secure. Not a lot of people care about this anymore what they do care about is the 265-bit encryption. Which pretty much is a typical SSL certificate and you have it valid right here so really don’t need this.

Facebook Messenger

What I would do is have the facebook messenger plugin and so pretty much if people have a question they click on the messenger it takes them right into contact with you on Facebook. You can download the app on your iPhone and just talk to people and have like you know a two-minute response rate from your phone.

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