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Lamps N Lighting- eCommerce Website Review


What’s going on Jordan? So, I noticed you were looking some feedback on your site on Facebook. So, I kinda wanna make this video just kind of talking about it. I notice you were looking for some back-end help and I’ll talk about that towards the end of this video. But let’s just bounced on to some of the front-end design, some of the user experience you know good stuff like that.

So, Oh, first of all pretty much who I am, why you should listen to me. I’m a web developer. I’ve been in this for about 4 years now. I have a lot of experience, a lot of clients around the world. They’ve seen a lot of success… ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

Try A New Logo

So, back to your site, first things first a lot of people are making this mistakes don’t feel too bad about it. You’re not having an actual logo. You just kind of put in this text up here. Which I don’t know why websites do that you know? It doesn’t look too nice, it’s just kind of it just makes you look basic. Looks like you didn’t spend a lot of time on your site. So, what I would go do and it also helps with branding and stuff like that. Go either to — get someone to make you a professional logo. Or you could go over to pretty much just pick a logo, throw it on your site, you should be fine. Besides that, this top header up here it’s default so you know nothing’s too bad about it.

Sliders Are Important Too

The slider down here, a lot of people have problems on the slider. Every video I mentioned a slider. So pretty much the problem with these sliders on Shopify is the highlights and the background image with the highlights of the text you know just doesn’t work too well together. You know? Yeah, so pretty much either go to or somewhere like that. And you can create an actual professional slider. Or you can just go find a different background image on something like,, there’s about a million places you can get stock photos from with a consistent background. You don’t want too many highlights and lowlights in it or it just doesn’t work out too well for you.

Keep Your Titles Tight

Alright, moving on to your product images first thing I noticed was this the title of it was a little, you know, a little long a “LED Metal Base Volcanic Lava Lamp” people can see it’s a metal base. Don’t people care if it’s a LED you know? All you need to say is “Volcanic Lava Lamp” sounds a little cool gets them intrigued, they know what it is. You don’t have to really “wow” them on anything like that. So next thing I would do is this description right here just make a little bit longer you really want to talk about the product. You know? You really gotta sell your products a lot. A lot of people aren’t selling the products and that’s why they’re not doing too well on Shopify. Also down here these bolded items this looks like you just took this right from the distributor. So what I would do is remove that and just add things the customer cares about. Like you know your estimated shipping, your return policy, you know all the good stuff that your customers actually gonna care about. I guarantee they don’t care what voltage this is.

Install Additional Plugins

But besides that, some plugins you might want to add is like just a default countdown sales timer now a tip if you only want to have like two to three items on sale on your site at once it makes things legit — and that’s what you want to be — So, uh also another thing is like the out of stock countdown or something like that pretty much just a progress bar and it says “damn this saying sold out” or he says like “damn two things left in stock” anything like that will work for you.

Dealing With Slow Delivery

Now I also want to talk about this delivery policy. So I’m just going to show you the page and we’re going to bounce right back to the product page. So it says 15 to 45 days, obviously, it’s not gonna take the 45 days. So you’re just scaring the hell out of your customers. What I would do is down here in red say “due to extremely high demand please allow you know you know 4 to 5 days or 5 to 6 days before the product can ship because we got to make these handmade in our sweatshop blah blah blah” and then expect another 5 to 6 days for shipping and then they’ll be like “alright so this is in high demand” something along those lines. And it just sounds a lot better than “please allow 45 days for shipping” People be like what the hell is this? And that’s why a lot of e-commerce shops are losing to Because you know overnight shipping compared to 45 days.

Using Bold Text

So lets bounced back to the home page. Let’s check out some more stuff see what we can do. Alright, so now this right here this is a nice image and everything the only problem is this right here is all bolded a little too much. Bold is really to make things pop and when everything’s bold it doesn’t really pop so what I would do is add a lot more text to this and only bold like one line of it if you want people to read it. Because people aren’t gonna read like the default text usually people just skim and they’ve read what’s in bold so just have like two words in bold just be like BAM if that makes any

Pixelated Images

Yeah, all right so down here these images are a little pixelated. People don’t want to see that kind of stuff it will lose trust. People are really sensitive to these days they’re like “oh it’s a blurry image trust out the door” But yeah stuff like that just you want high-quality images sometimes it affects page load speed. But Shopify has an automatic lazy load so you don’t really have to worry about the speed.

Simple Contact Pages

But besides that, I think this is a pretty nice site. I mean you got most of the basics. Let’s move over to contact page you know basic contact pages you might want to add some text to it nothing too special.

$1/Month Consulting

So I noticed in your posts you were saying you had some back-end problems and some stuff like that. So what I’m doing right now — what I’m doing — and stay with me so I’m gonna open up a beta test. I’ve been thinking about offering a new service to my clients and so pretty much what it’s gonna be is a $1 a month consulting thing and so this is just the beta obviously the price is gonna go up. So if you want to bounce into this pretty much all I’m looking for is to create some reviews, create some results and just know that is a viable service. So I would do things like talk about how to fix those back-end problems that you’re having with your payment processor and then I would do some more advanced things. Like you know, more advanced e-commerce design and so pretty much I have this whole thing right here. I’ll send you to this page it’s it’ll be in the link of this description and so $1 a month you’d get all this stuff right here.

Definitely feel free to check it out. You know if you’re not interested in that’s fine but definitely, go subscribe to my youtube channel. I just started it up I got only 23 subscribers so it honestly means the world to me if you wouldn’t subscribe to that right now. But besides that, Jordan I hope you like this video. If you’re not Jordan watching and I if you like this helped you feel free to subscribe.

If you definitely want your site reviewed go check out this right here because it comes with the service. The $1 a month service I’ll review your site monthly and give you all this other stuff too so besides that guys, talk soon!

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