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What’s up, guys? So, I want to make this video kind of going over just general web design. I’ve been making a lot of review videos and I find that I’m just being redundant. Mostly because my videos don’t have much range 🙁 they don’t have a lot of people watching them. But, I just kind of don’t want to be redundant. Especially if I want to keep old subscribers. I don’t want to be shinning the same thing every day. So I’m gonna make this video. I’m gonna make a checklist (SEE HEADLINES) I’m going to refer back to this video pretty much every time someone doesn’t have a website to its full capacity and they just have some room to improve. Alright, so this is pretty much just a theme I have built up for WordPress but you can pretty much do the same thing in WordPress, Shopify, Magento, whatever you doing. Web designs are pretty much, all the same, there’s not really a lot of limitations is what I’m saying. So, let’s dive right into this.

Customer Support Phone #

The first thing you notice top-left is a customer support phone number. Not a lot of people call customer support but, they do like knowing that it’s there. It looks like you’re an authoritative e-commerce site looks like you got your shit together. So it’s important to have.

Let Your Customers Sign-up

Now next thing is my account page. Once you click this pretty much takes you to a register or login. Now you want to be building a whole customer profile on pretty much every lead you have. So, I think the whole create an account is very useful especially if you’re offering discounts on products and pretty much what you can do especially on WordPress is, let me show you, like I think it might be this one right here (SEE VIDEO) this is pretty much a plugin that I can use or it might be holding on might be this one right here either way.

Build Customer Profiles

I have plugins that are artificial intelligence and that they pretty much collect data on IP address. So, once they the IP address enters their email it’ll look through their Facebook page and it’ll just gather information about them. Then it will pretty much show them products of what they might be interested in depending on who they are so that’s kind of why you want to gather information like that I’m not sure if Shopify currently has something like that I know WordPress does I’ll make a whole video on that actual plugin in the future if you do have a WordPress site.

Have A Bomb “About Us” Page

Anyways the “About Us” page very important too. I think it is, you know if you’re gonna start branding you got to definitely have a good story. You definitely gotta use images, people, I see people’s websites all the time they don’t have images on their “About Us” page. That’s just kind of that’s just a common mistake you definitely want images just of something that represents your brand. It can honestly be a stock photo but I also suggest having like you know pictures of the team,  also connecting them to social media and stuff like that.

How Easy Can Customers Contact You?

But, besides that also have a little “Contact Us” page. Pretty much, where you just show a map of where you’re at *so they know you have a brick-and-mortar too* and then just you know just sort of text, the actual address, and some contact information. Then don’t forget to have the whole contact form that’s also important one thing that the site is missing that I would suggest is having the Facebook Messenger in the bottom right where they pretty much click and get an instant contact with you.

You Need A Beautiful, Brandable Logo

Besides that, you want to have a nice logo. It can be simple like this but, you definitely don’t want to just do something, let me just kind of show you, like this, is a pretty poor logo that I built. Obviously, I’m gonna improve that a little I’m gonna make it bigger and stuff like this. But this is just a non-profit I’m working on right now. You want to have you know a better logo than this you want to have it nice and big nice and clear but something simple like this (SEE VIDEO) if you’re going minimalistic on your site you can do something like (SEE VIDEO) this it’s not that hard to create you can go also hire someone from Fiverr for like $5 and create a logo.

No Slider Contrast Is A Common Mistake

Besides that, let’s go check out the homepage. Let’s see what we’re up to here so we also have a very nice slider. This is probably the#1 problem I see people have just a slider that has poor contrast. It really just doesn’t work out, they either have their menu blending them if their slider or you can’t read the text or something like that you just want to have high contrast on your website. Especially when it comes to your slider. Besides that, you can always just have you know like a see more or a “Buy Now” button what I would suggest is featuring your top-selling product and your slider and just have a buy now button and it adds it instantly to the cart.

Optimize Your Checkout Process

Let me show you what the cart page on this site looks like. You click, your cart comes up with a little side menu. Then you can just go to instantly check out now the checkout process is obviously a huge deal this is where you lose a lot of people so you kind of want to customize it like I would have honestly added a plugin that would separate this one long page into several different pages. I would say like 4 pages (Optimized For Mobile) one for like that one for the email one for the address and then I don’t know one for credit card information and then check-out so pretty much that’s how I would do that.

Pagespeed Under 3 Seconds

Now back to the home page takes a second to load. Yeah, you also want your site to be loaded under 3 seconds by the way.

Use Good Trust Symbols

Now what this is going on here this is pretty much like free delivery this is just some trust symbols right here “24/7 support” and you can exchange or return “30-day money-back guarantee” it’s very important to have this if it’s not at the top of your site then it’s in the footer of your site.

*Category Images Shouldn’t Be Product Images*

What I’m talking about a lot of people don’t have good category images. This is an example of good category images (SEE VIDEO) you can obviously build something and Adobe you can do it in Canvas you can do it in Creelo. Oh, anything like that and it looks really nice very professional as compared to just having product images which are a common mistake.

Trending & Best Selling Categories

Now, “Top Interesting” this is pretty much just like best selling and stuff like that feature trending whatever. It is also important to have something like this on your site just so people get a gist of what kind of products you’re selling.

Now, also, just more sort by category stuff like that. Just simple these are just pictures that are also a good idea and so just having products just have pictures of people wearing the products. I guess it’s supposed to be trending. Yeah, once just trending pretty much like the bestsellers and then you can have a little coupon down here. I do have some software pretty much for you they like it or share it and they get 10% off that’s pretty cool people tend to like that.

Blogging Still Builds Trust

I would actually bump this up to 20% now for the blogging news a lot of people are ignoring the blog I think it’s very important especially want to build a trustworthy site. I actually have a plug-in I’ll probably make a video in the future what it does is it just imports blog posts from other sites around the world flips them around customizes them and it builds a lot of trusts. Because if you have a site that has a blog post every day for the past year it looks like it’s a very active site and I would just trust that a lot more than a site that didn’t have a blog at all because you don’t know how updated they are or if they’re still in business.

The Money Is In The List

Now the subscribe to a newsletter I think it’s best to have a just a typical I’ve subscribed for 20% off. That’s going to get a lot of more leads than just a subscribed newsletter people really don’t care about your newsletter they know you’re gonna sell them stuff “I’d rather just get a discount right off the bat.”

Importance Of Testimonials

Then have some customer testimonials down here maybe the link to your “About Page” Pretty much have some logos or some companies you’ve partnered with it just always looks nice to say that you’re not alone in your business ventures. Also, down here follow on Instagram. I think Instagram is going to be really big. Especially if I’m saying it’s gonna be it is really big having an Instagram API on your site pretty much where people can look at other people wearing your brand. It just looks really nice those a lot of trusts and all e-commerce is is just building up a lot of trust and kind of having exclusivity saying that “Hey, join our community by wearing our clothing and stuff” like that but besides that this is the bottom of the page nothing special really here just have a little bit more of the about connect to social.

Have The Right Pages

And a ton of different pages like “privacy policy”, “return policy”, “shipping information”, “terms and condition”, “our sitemap”, and “customer service” you know all the good stuff like that. So pretty much this is the basic to web design.

Use A Mega Menu

Also, we can go into like having your menu having certain items on your menu light up by adding a new appear or sale right here also have a mega menu. Pretty much, what a mega menu is it’s one of these big beautiful menus that has like an image in it stuff like that. But pretty much besides that, it’s web design at its finest  in 2018 e-commerce you want all those features that I just mentioned that I just highlighted and obviously I made a few suggestions…

Save This Page, Don’t Forget It

…Like the cart, there’s a Shopify on pretty much we’re just checking up or splits up your cart because on mobile. You don’t want people scrolling a lot down the checkout page when they could just hit click or click next. So they’ll have one that says that collects our name and email the next one just collects their address, the next one collects their credit card and stuff like that. So it just makes it a lot easier on them. They can check out so pretty much that’s about it I hope this helped. I’m going to write down pretty much everything I said in this video down. I might create a PDF or something for people to download pretty much is the ultimate guide to e-commerce design in 2018.

It’s as simple as that guys.

I mean obviously there’s a few more things you could do just to boost what you’re doing but that’s pretty much it guys.

Talk soon!

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