Friday, June 15, 2018

Watsonfinds WordPress Ai


What’s up guys so I want to make this video talking to you about this artificial intelligence and pretty much this is free software I’m gonna give you just click the link below this video and you can download it immediately. So pretty much what it does it’s called “Watsonfinds and it just kind of reads emotions of text.

What Watsonfinds Does?

So once you install the .zip file, it’s pretty easy. You just click this button right here on any page or post and it gives you just like the general insights of a percentage of “joy”, “sadness”, “fear”, “anger” and “disgust”. Little do you know, I’m actually going for major disgust. I like disgusting articles *lolz* and that’s where I’m going for so I have some improvements to make. But, yeah I just kind of want to show you this.  Downloaded for free below, it’s definitely interesting, definitely something you can use if you’re an e-commerce or if you have a blog or something like that.

Choosing Your Strategy

And you can try writing different articles you know with different emotions you don’t always need to have them joyful some of them can be angry some of them going to be fearful someone gonna be disgusting and just see which one goes the most viral for you there’s also an upgradeable version of this you can try that out too. But, you know just the free version is fine with me so I hope you like this video go download it below see you soon guys!

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