Friday, June 15, 2018

Top 30 eCommerce Niches Of 2018


What’s up, guys? So the title is what it says I’m gonna link all these down on the bottom. I just want to make this quick video just to talk about how I got these. So I think I made another video (Finding A Niche 101) about it but it’s gonna be the second one just kind of drilling the point. So all you have to do is come over to Aliexpress —which is where most people are getting their e-commerce products from — and I think to hold on we need to find I think it’s forward slash, hold on, and so that’ll pretty much just take you to this very ugly looking page with a ton of different links on it. So, pretty much I’ve sorted through all of these links I found the best ones and I just gave you a quick little list of things that might be a pretty good idea. So, of course, you can you know do it yourself and these change up all the time so that’s just kind of why I wanted to create you know the list that would be perfect for 2018, of course, if it’s 2019 to the or 2020, 2021 all this stuff will change and of course all these answers on Aliexpress will change too. So you can check that out for yourself if you want to but I just want to make this quick video once again all the niches are down below you can download the file anyways guys, talk soon!


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