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The Top 5 WordPress Plugins Of 2018


What’s up guys so in this video we’re gonna cover all 5 of the WordPress Plugins that I gave you. You’re probably wondering “why the hell did this guy give me five random plugins?” So we’re just gonna make this quick tutorial, trust me they’re not that hard to do. I can really set them up in like five minutes and they actually help your site a lot. I use them on all my sites. So right now what we’re looking at is that’s just one of my client’s sites for this week. We are going to open up the .zip file and see what we have so we have Contact Form 7, Updraft Plus, W3 Total Cache, Yoast SEO and WP-Smush


Contact Form 7

So, first of all, let’s check out Contact Form 7, so that’s pretty easy to use and it makes a pretty beautiful contact form. So lets actually take you over to Student Connectech site and I’ll show you what the contact forms look like, just so you can kind of see how good they look. The reason they look so good to say it just integrate well with your site’s CSS coding. Hold on, so let’s go to the contact page. Alright, it’s gonna take a second to load, I haven’t really optimized this for a page speed yet. But we’ll do that in this video — what? — Alright, I think it takes 30 seconds to load that was ridiculous. Alright so as you see here it’s just a nice simple contact form so let’s shoot back on over to the — hold on where did I put it? — I think this is it, alright so pretty much right here this is just the become a volunteer form which is a little bit more advanced than just the basic contact form. So we’ll just go with the contact form so essentially what you do you just build a form and you just take the shortcode throw it on the site and “Eureka!” you’re done. So this is kind of what it looks like all you really have to do is ya click these buttons, like hold on let’s go down here and say I want to reCAPTCHA. Which is just one of those things where you like a click or you type in what it looks like I need to install the API? Oh, oopsie alright so let’s say I want to capture an email and that’s it so just put email alrighty so it’s pretty much as simple as that and then that will just go and capture the email for you so that’s about it just make sure you save it you can also come over here and you can like choose who whenever someone submits a contact form it sends like this to the admin. It says “Oh somebody’s interested” and it also gives like messages just in case someone there’s like an error or something like that and then there’s some other stuff so besides that’s pretty much Contact Form 7, that’s really nice everybody uses it so let’s go shoot on back over to the other plugin.


Updraft Plus

Alright guys, so now we’re gonna talk about this Updraft Plus, pretty much what this is: it takes like your database and just saves it so in case you get hacked — which is unlikely — but just in case you like to make it a mistake when you’re I don’t know if you go in and edit some code or something in it just you messed everything up and your site crashes. Come back through and you just hit the restore so to set this up all you have to do is click “Backup Now” and pretty much that takes you know about a minute or two and then I’ll tell you when your last backup was and you can download the log file and so whenever you make a mistake on your site you just come back to this plug-in and click restore and it’ll take you back to that exact date of what you had now one thing you want. To make sure that you don’t have an excess of backups on your site that just slows it down so just keep like two or three of the most recent and then delete the older ones because you’re not really going to want the really old ones.


W3 Total Cache

But, besides that let’s come on over to another one of the plugins alright guys so now we’re going to talk about W3 Total Cache which is kind of hard to use but you’ll get used to it so what you want to do to pretty much set this up is to look at your site speed so you know what buttons you need to click so a good place to do this at is it’s just a free site load time thingy so all you need to do is come over lets I’m here copying URL and just come over to GTmetrics and paste it in there hit enter and it’ll take a few seconds just to go through its whole process. Alright, guys so you can see I didn’t do too well on the on the reading. Obviously I haven’t optimized it or had done anything on this side I’ve only been working on it for about two or three days so pretty much once you get that information you scroll down here you just look at what it graded you an “F” in or “C” in or “B” in and then you just come back over to W3 Total Cache and there’s a lot of — there’s a ton of videos on YouTube or blogs stuff like that on W3 Total Cache it’s really popular so I’m not gonna go into too much detail but that’s just the basics of it you can go through here and you know just click like minify and stuff like that so let’s go on over to the next.


Yoast SEO

Alright guys, so now we’re gonna check out Yoast SEO definitely the best SEO plug-in out there and it’s really easy to use it gives you a lot of suggestions and stuff like that so when you first install this you just go on a go to the “configuration wizard” it’s pretty easy to use, hold on it’ll take a second to load, alright so as you see I already went to the configuration literally it takes you through step by step. So I’m not going to go into all the detail of doing that and then I can just go on to show you some of the what you can do unlike the pages or the post so this is how you SEO optimize your pages and your blog posts and stuff like that so let’s go check out this about page and pretty much towards the bottom it’ll have it’s a little Yoast SEO box and it’ll give you a grade and everything like that. So let’s go find it alright olá there it is. You might bump this once the page actually loads. Okay here we go so wait let us scroll all right there we hold on all right is so slow I’m sorry about that alright so pretty much this is the Yoast SEO box I was talking about you can edit snippet which pretty much means you can just change the SEO title which just means what it looks like in Google. So you can make it I don’t know you just make it whatever you wanted you to see up there it changes it for you and then come down a little bit more and this is what the really cool part of it is a great suit gives you a green, orange or red ranking depending on how well you’re doing and it literally tells you exactly what to do so it walks you through the whole process so I won’t have to do too much for you telling you how this works all right.



So, the next plugin all right guys so now we’re looking at WP-Smush which pretty much just optimizes images because images take the longest to load on your site so pretty much what it does is this right here honestly so it says you have 146 attachments that need a “smushing” which just means they’re too big they don’t have to be that big they can be smaller than that I mean as you see once you already “smushed” some of them it’ll tell you that it’ll tell you the savings you got which pretty much just tells you how fast you speed it up your site.


That’s It!

So, pretty much besides that’s about it for this tutorial if you need more information just email me you can find that on a Contact Form on my website but besides that guys that’s it it’s easy as that these are really powerful plugins I use them on all my sites I’m not lying to you I said they’re good they’re really good but besides that guy see in the next video I think them to discuss maybe like e-commerce something along those lines or a new plugin anyways guys, talk soon!

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