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How To Find A Niche 101


What’s up guys so I want to make this video to reference to a lot in the future: (How To Find A Niche). Because I notice everyone’s having the same problem right now — and that’s as if you’re coming on as a new drop shipper — this doesn’t really apply if you’re like a blogger or you’re an actual business like you’re a small business with an actual location. But if you are a drop shipper a lot of people are just coming in fresh, they don’t know anything about building websites and them just they come over to “Ali” they know “Ali’s” where you get your products from and they say “ah look at this, it’s the holy 10 niches in the flesh” and they click on one of them and then they’re like “oh um be even sneakier and I’m just gonna sell t-shirts” well pretty much what happens with this is everybody in the brother is currently selling t-shirts right now I could literally name like 50 different t-shirt companies off the top of my head now. If you’re selling like custom t-shirts like you literally have a print and or like a press — like a t-shirt press in your house — of course you can sell t-shirts because no one’s really copying what you have.

Aliexpress Popular Categories

Now a lot of people see you know what you selling anyway so what you should be doing is this is a just quick little hack and this is literally going to save your life right now and I know a lot of people are like I already spent $30 on my website right I can’t switch it. Now trust me guys all you’re gonna do is type in Aliexpress I think it’s “popular” you can you search “bestsellers” too it’ll pop up the same thing. alright you should just pull up this crappy looking page right here and this is the holy niche page alright you’re gonna see all kind of niches and it so it gives a broad category like even how specific “bowling” is like why is that here actually the page is pretty short there are only like 10 to 20 different categories but some of the actual things are pretty specific like horse racing, bowling, golf, but once you want to look down here and you just want to pick one of these and you can honestly it only takes you like 30 minutes to find the best one read over all of them find the best one for you something you might be able to create a little content about something you have a little background with.

Competitor Research

So I already picked one earlier the “ghillie suits” I just think they’re pretty cool um and I did some market research so once you pick what you think you’re gonna do make sure you do the market research behind it it’s not that hard it’s not that extensive you don’t have to do a SWOT analysis anything like that just type in like ghillie suits in Google you’l see who’s competing um and just like off the bat I know I can build a better website I know I could do better SEO I know I could do better ads just by looking at this guy’s site I might want to even take that link go paste it in Moz and that’ll show you how many backlinks he has and pretty much stuff like that so this guy he’s not he’s not exceptional I bet his site has a few more years on me just by looking at the design looks like it was from ’06 or something like that but pretty much that’s how you find your niche.

Find Your Customer Persona

Now what a lot of people are doing is they’re just saying oh I found my products imma build a site around it and then I just do nothing well once you put all your products on the page then you have to you know niche down and find who’s your customer persona so just starting out I would suggest you just do one customer persona and so pretty much for my ghillie suits that would be like people who play airsoft competitively and do they have a sniper rifle or something like that for their airsoft gun or they play paintball or and they have a sniper rifle for that and then another customer persona would be the group of people who are like bow hunters and they need to get very close to their chickens but just stuff like that so come up with some customer personas um and you can actually get very detailed you might want to go do a Google search for customer personas and how to analyze their persona and that’ll help you out. 

It’s Not Your Site, It’s Your Niche

When you come over to Facebook advertising or however you want to do advertise and I suggest if you know Facebook advertising your goals to do like Google AdWords or Google what do they call it ad network or something like that and then you just advertise like that um pretty much that’s how you find your niche if this video helped you out at all feel free to subscribe or just put this video in like a playlist of yours because it’s definitely something you need to watch over and over again because you tend to forget about niche marketing it’s one of those small things but it’s something you need to do every time you create a new website and then you need to watch it you know annually just so you get refreshed and so you not off focus on your niche anytime you have problems with your website you might want to consider your niche first and then consider your website next because a lot of the times it does have some you know some basic problems with it but anyways guys besides that hope this was the best talk soon.

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