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Domain Investing w/ Niche Sites

What’s up guys it’s bounced right into this like the Easter Bunny. So pretty much what most people do when they’re buying domains they make a huge mistake. And they just go straight to GoDaddy or Namecheap or something like that and they just buy a domain and so most of the time it’s not even a branded domain. It’s just like something random like a or… perfect I’ll buy it.

Why Buy An Expired Domain?

Anyway, it’s like some of them are pretty good some of them pretty bad but if you fall into that category what you might want to do is actually consider going buying an expired domain. Because what’s the difference between an expired domain and a fresh domain? The expired domains carry much more SEO “juice”.

Yeah, (for a fresh domain) you get the exact name that you want and you don’t have to do much searching — especially if you kind of already have some in your head — but besides that, if you don’t really have something in your head.

— Or even if you’re just trying to create a niche for you to stay in going and an expired domain can help a lot because once it gets that extra Google juice so you can be ranking higher in less time and two it kinda already gives you the idea it already shows you kind of some popular domains something that someone’s thought about.

Someone else thought was a good idea and so that’s kind of why I buy expired domains for some of my niche sites and if you do buy an expired domain you can expect to get it up to a thousand people per day on your site just because it carries so much juice and so much authority.


But let’s just kind of show you some of the basics for this site it’s pretty easy to use nothing too complex I think I have some searches already made so you can obviously search like your niche keyword. let’s say if you’re in like the dog niche or something like that hold on just scroll up and then you can search for prices if it’s a “.com” I like my domain Authority to be above 30 and you just kind of search those results and they’ll come back with something decent and once it loads it takes a minute load by the way all right then you want to. You want to organize it from high to low by Majestic trust flow and that just makes sure that the site is trustworthy with Google and other things all right so it’s high to low. Let’s do this “” just check it out a little,

Godaddy Auctions

Alright so it pulls up right to the what do they call it the auction page on GoDaddy you actually need an auction account it’s like four dollars a year for a GoDaddy auction account so it’s not too bad.

And all you have to do then is go check it out in Moz and so Moz has an analytical Open Site Explorer you just search it’ll tell you the number of backlinks the root domains all the good stuff like that. and so that’s just to make sure that um you know your site’s trustworthy um if it has a SPAM SCORE above like 5 or 8 I probably WOULDN’T to buy it but besides that I think this is a pretty decent domain and it’s under $100 and it’ll give you all that juice that you need and it already has these backlinks built um so pretty much like if you don’t like the domain you have now and I’ve built plenty of sites domain I’m just kind of like as an impulse buy or just to have a domain name to build the site on you might want to reconsider the domain and come by and expired one so pretty much that’s it I hope this was the best for you…

WayBack Machine

Oh one more thing let me not forget about it also if you want to go see what the site looked like in the past just go over to the Wayback Machine send in the URL and it’ll kind of give you like something like this just like screenshots of what it used to look like back in the day and that just kind of guarantees that you’re not buying into something that used to be a scam and that might be penalized by Google but besides that…

Godaddy Domain Appraisals

Oh one more thing go over to and if you are actually like just flipping them for the money go to domains and domain value appraisal and that’ll give you kind of like a general range for what your site can go for obviously you can go for a lot more or a lot less but it’s just a general range like for this one just 56 but it usually shows like some similar domains like sold $700 so just stuff like that but besides that guys hope this one was the best talk to you soon
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