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Pup Town – How To Ep. 9


What’s up Priscilla’s? So I was checking out your site (Pup Town) want to suggest two or three things just to get you started with a better conversion rate or a higher profit margin or something like that so right now I was just kind of looking at your site and just kind of overall it needs a lot of changes.

Pup Town Review

So you’re kind of going to get mad when I wanna suggest this because of everybody and the brother does but you just need to go change your theme trust me it’s gonna help you a lot because what you have right now it’s just not that trustworthy you know it’s got a lot of random colors going on there’s there’s not a lot of focus.

So go check out the DEBUT theme it’s just it’s a classic it’s a classic look and trust me like if you for these hero images if you go use some pictures from like this one right here you’re just gonna it’s just gonna build someone’s trust because it’s going to be very high quality it’s gonna look super professional it’s gonna look like you spend a lot of money on this especially just compared to what you have now.

The features are going to work a lot better because it’s actually like a super popular theme and honestly, it’s going to save me a lot of time because I’m not gonna have to make as many suggestions because you know they’re actually doing a really good job with everything that’s going on the site. So pretty much just go copy paste your content over.

Use Of Jargon & Puns

Just a small suggestion about your copywriting you’re using a lot of like this doggy jargon when you say RUFF-UND policy or PAW-FURS offers I would I would cut down on that a little bit I’m not saying you have to just completely lose it but like you could use you could use it in like this top title right here I’m just some like the doggy puns but once you get down here I just keep it simple for the people I mean they don’t want to be they don’t want to be wooed and awed with your puns so yeah just keep it simple.

And trust me like once you change this theme like it’s gonna make your life so much easier you’re not gonna have to change so much stuff if I was just going to go through and just like tell you word for word on what to change where good things. But once you do that let me just kind of deep dive into some of the more complex things you might be having issues with.

K.I.S.S. Style Menus

Alright, so just another thing for your copywriting. Your menus, just keep them short keep them short and simple and stuff about us just keep it about serve appointment request just say appointments um you can also, put like hours into the about us instead of giving back depends in San Antonio you just say “community” It’s just simple things like that catch the eye of your customer and it might you know irritate them a little.

But let’s go to the store and I’ll tell you a few interesting things that will definitely, help you out. So sites like making all your category images on the same size so once you move over to hold on let me see if it’ll show you but yeah you see how to like these images are the same size on the homepage or these right here just make sure things are consistent across your page and so that should be pretty easy once you change themes. I think they might actually crop it for you not a hundred percent sure on that but they might.

Pricing Paradox

Alright so a lot of your products are very cheap and when I say very cheap I mean they’re like ten dollars. So your profit margins aren’t going to be too high. So I would either combine a ton of those products together, like add three $5 products into one and charge $15 for it or just kind of boost you prices the optimal price ranges at right at $20 or $30 because that’s where you’re gonna get the most amount of clients and the best profit margin.

Add To Cart Button

Then also a small thing on your new theme when you come over here you’re gonna want to change the “Add to Cart” button to Red it just converts a little bit better and also for your product descriptions make them long. They want to be you know at least a paragraph and then I had some bullet points say something like “free shipping” a “30-day money back guarantee” or just things to build trust and then also, you’re gonna want to add “100% secure check out” badge with your like SSL certificate the visa icons and stuff like that just about a little bit of trust.

Flash Sales (45 Min Or Less)

Oh and for like one to three items you might want to put them on sale and then have like the sale countdown um that says like you know 45 minutes until the sale is over and I want to go any longer than 45 minutes because you know that just gets them too much time and it won’t be as pressed about it to buy.

But besides that, I have one other suggestion on your shop page is just a small little thing it’s probably not affecting your conversion rate too much but it’s just about the option the options you give people well I’ll just show you let’s click this so you’re gonna see on this you give them options and they really don’t have any other options.

(High Demand, Slow Shipping)

So it’s like ships from China, first of all, I wouldn’t say it ships from China I would just say — because China has very long shipping times — I’d say because of super high demand or just say because of extremely high demand there might be a delay or there’s a delay in shipping five to eight days and then so they’ve been like oh alright so a lot of people were buying this.

And then so like giving them the option of the medium when their only options medium just kind of take that away and just another small thing instead of color as a picture just change it to brown

— look at that kitty cat —

Besides that I think I think that’s about it if you do make these changes definitely contact me and I will take another look at your site for you because usually, I notice some different things once you know to make all the suggestions change the first time but besides that I hope this helped you out a lot if you did like this video feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel it does take me quite a while to make up these videos and come to suggestions so I do appreciate it when you do subscribe and like the video but besides that yeah I just hope this helped see you soon!

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