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Google AdWords Formats

The new ad formats that Google recently launched is great news to any online advertiser and web marketer. The new Google ad formats for Google AdWords provide additional opportunities for advertisers that will help them increase the visibility of their ads.

Because the competition of online ad space is becoming stiffer by the minute, Google found the need to make the lives of online advertisers a little easier. The new ad formats for Google AdWords ads help a particular advertisement to stand out from the competition, which is why it has created a loud buzz in the online marketing field.

Below are some of the many ad formats that Google has created in order to spice up the online advertising competition. Read the brief overview of each ad format and see whether it will fit perfectly to your online advertising campaign.

  • Location Extensions

A location extension is where you see a small screenshot of the business' location. Through location extensions, advertisers will be able to link their advertising campaigns to their Local Business Center account.

It is easy to spot an ad with extension locations - ads that feature locations extensions show an address for the business and a little "+" box. When a user clicks the "+" box, the box will expand and will show a map of the advertiser's location and other business details and contact information. The location extension feature is very useful tool for local business to increase in-store visitors on top of the much desired Web Traffic.

  • Product Extensions

Using the new Google product extension, any web advertiser can link them to Google AdWords ads to their existing Google Merchant Center (GMC) account. By doing this, an online advertiser can highlight the products directly in their ad copy.

This is very useful for advertisers who already have a Google Merchant account. When a user searches for an item relevant to a product included in your GMC account, your ad will display a small "+" box and when that box is clicked, the box expands and display the relevant products that you have.

  • Ad Sitelinks

Of all the new Google ad formats for Google AdWords, the Ad Sitelinks feature is the favorite of most online advertisers. The Ad Sitelinks feature lets advertisers attach and display four additional URLs within their search network ads.

The Ad Sitelinks feature does not only let an advertisement stand out in the search results, but it also allows advertisers to expose more other relevant pages in their website to the users. Although this feature is currently just available to a limited number of advertisers at the moment, in time Google will let everyone else jump in and improve the online ad campaign performance.

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