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1 Quick Benefit Of Email Marketing

I frequently hear the question raised, "Is email marketing that powerful?"

Yes, it is and without learning how to use it effectively, your website will make next to no money.

First, remember the following.

  • The World Wide Web serves about 6 billion mobile users. Yes, more people have mobile devices than have toilets. What this boils down to is that the average person has equal access to the most awful market that has ever exhausted. How sweet is that? There is plenty of room out there for you to make those dreams of yours come true, whatever they are.
  • Unfortunately, there are those out there that try to scare you into buying whatever magic get rich quick product they are peddling saying that it is risky and dangerous to strike out on the internet. Some people shiver when they hear this like a cold rain on bare skin. If you have not succeeded yet online, it is not your fault.
  • Happily, once the truth is known, you will lose the stench of old garbage that these people leave behind and you see that it is not rocket science. Learning to make money online is straight forward. The process is simple enough and you can certainly do it. It was always there hidden behind the smoke cloud left by the gurus.
  • Take a deep breath and relax. If your fears and doubts have gotten the best of you, make believe you are in a comfortable recliner and take it easy.
  • We are about to take aim at all of the confusion and fear and clear a path through the smoke for you.

1 Quick Benefit Of Email Marketing: I explain things better using a true story and here is one that explodes the biggest challenge that email marketing takes care of for you.

FACT : Google research has found that the average internet visitor has to visit a website 7 times before buying even if the site has everything needed, the price is great and payment is secure.

How the heck can you get around that?

I have a little terrier whose name is Mokie. We live in North Central Canada and winter is coming. The other day, I decided I would order him a new winter coat and booties. Just taking care of my little man.

I did a search on Google using the search term "small dog clothes". As soon as I entered the term, the top 10 sites appeared on my screen. I liked the description of the top one and clicked on its link.

I landed on a great page of doggie clothes and accessories. Their selection was excellent, I found just the thing I wanted and the price was even lower than what I thought I would have to pay.

They had a super secure payment portal I've used many times and they even had matching boots to keep Mokie's little toes warm. The situation was perfect. I bookmarked the page and went back to the search engine results. Why did not I buy right away?

I clicked on the second from the top link and I again found myself on an excellent site with plenty of clothes for my dog, boots, funny scarves and so on. The prices were great and payment would be secure.

They had lots of other great information about dog training, nutrition and a host of other subjects near and dear to my canine lover's heart. I bookmarked the site and was about to hit the back button when I noticed a small box asking me to subscribe to their weekly newsletter. In exchange, I would get an instant download of a half hour dog grooming video which sounded really interesting.

I signed up, downloaded the video and left the site.

In effect, I saved that second site the key to my wallet. I likely would of never return to either site, but the second one just got my permission to visit me once a week through my email inbox.

If the newsletters are interesting and give me lots of reasons to keep subscribed, it will not be long before I start buying from them. These emails build trust quickly.

Therein lies the benefit of email marketing. Almost nobody buys on a first visit to a site and many times we forget to go back even to really good ones.

By integrating a well organized email marketing system into your site blueprint, you will quickly build an email list that will keep your business humming for years to come.

The Google research finding will have turned into your best friend instead of leaving you shaking your head in despair.


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