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How to Add the Twitter Icon to Your Facebook Fan Page

Steps on How to Add a Twitter Icon to Your Facebook Fan Page

Adding the Twitter icon to your page is a great way to cross-promote your presence on other Social Media websites.

  1. The Resource for where to find a great Twitter icon is listed at the end of this article. They have a huge list of different icons you can use.
  2. Put in your user name (this will automatically update the HTML code in the boxes)
  3. Pick your desired icon by highlighting and copying the HTML code it gives you (make sure it shows justactnatual in the code as every once in awhile it will not update properly)
  4. Go to your Facebook Fan Page – at the very bottom, left side of the screen you should see the "applications" button – click that and then search STATIC FBML
  5. When STATIC FBML comes up click "add to page" – it should bring up a pop-up that gives you a choice of what page to add to (personal, fanpage, etc) – Click your fanpage
  6. It should then bring you to a box to edit the FBML – this is where you paste in the code you copied from Step # 3
  7. Save
  8. At your home page of your FanPage you will see a tab above your wall that says "Boxes"
  9. Click on "Boxes" – You should see your follow on on the right hand corner
  10. When you click the pencil you should see the option to "Move to Wall Tab" – select that
  11. It should now be on the left sidebar of your FanPage

Resource to pick your Twitter icon: www.twittericon.com


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