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Email Marketing – Respect Your Customers' Trust

Part of the purpose of an email marketing campaign is to build trust amongst your prospects. So as you are building your email mailing lists, be mindful of how you attain their email address. For most people an email address is their private information that they may choose to share or not. So when you have a prospect share their email information with you, make sure to safeguard the trust that they have given you. Protect their private information, and do not share it with anyone else without their permission. Your prospects will come to respect you especially if you respect them.

3 Ways to Build Trust with Email Marketing

1.No Tricks

When you gather people's email information, do not be tricky. Be clear about what information you want, and let them know how you intend to use it. Do not mislead potential subscribers and ensure them that you will protect their private information. By letting people know when they will hear from you and what you will be sending them, you are beginning to build a trust that you will do exactly as you promised. So as you are signing up new subscribers, make the sign up selection clear, and then verify that they know they are signing up for your email. Many companies send a verification email to the prospect and require them to click on an activation link before including them on the email's distribution list.

2.Clear Privacy Policies

Always clearly state your privacy policies, and explain them in plain English. Many times privacy policies are written in tiny print in long, legalese. Instead of expecting your subscriber to wade through a long, contorted explanation of your privacy policies, take the time to write your policy out in clear language that your subscriber can easily understand. They will feel confident that you are not trying to sneak anything by them, and again this will build their confidence.

3.Respect Their Trust

When a prospect does trust you with their private information, make sure that you do not betray that trust. Do not share their private information with another vendor, even if you think that they will never know. Honor your privacy policy, and if you tell them that their information is safe with you, then make sure that it remains safe. If your prospects begin to suspect that you are sharing their private information, not only will they be associated to receive your emails, but the will certainly never wish to do business with you.

By providing your prospects valuable information in your emails, they will be happy to receive your communications. As your subscribers get to know you, they will understand that you are forthright and honest. If you make a promise and stick to it, in time you will build their trust. An email marketing campaign gives you the opportunity to show your prospects that you are reliable and can be trusted.


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