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Getting to First Base with E-Commerce

E-commerce is beginning to become the common way to do business. With no windows, doors, or even welcome mats to worry about, all you would have to do is setup your shop online and watch the customers roll in. Not sure how to get to first base after hitting the ball? Here are some easy steps to take with developing an e-commerce website.

o Choose a program to design your site with.

This may sound easy enough but there are dozens of software titles out there that you can use for your online business. Depending on what your budget and skill level is will determine what type of program to use. Using something that has a Windows feel is probably the best solution for someone that knows nothing about web programming while Adobe Dreamweaver is for someone more knowledgeable about code. Using WYSIWYG editors within these programs will ensure that the pages are smooth as silk.

o Snappy images are happy Images.

Just like a sales catalog, appearance on an e-commerce website is critical to your success. Make sure that the pictures and design on the website is crisp and clear. Use the maximum resolution for pictures and templates for your website proves to the buyer that your site is professionally crafted. Anything less would deter them from buying your goods or services.

o Ring the register and not the 'No-Sale' key.

Now that you have the website completed, it is time to get it out there on the web. Depending on your host and server, it may automatically submit to search engines. Others may not have this option. Submitting your site to many search engines at one time will increase your chances of someone seeing your website and buying stuff. Google's AdSense program can also help promote your site and put cash in the kitty. Make sure that you have a merchant account available so that people can use their credit or debit cards & checking account to buy goods or services with.

o Throwing your line into the internet pond … and waiting for a nibble.

This may be the most difficult part … waiting for a sale. Companies that specialize in lead generation may assist your firm in getting people to buy stuff from your website. However, make sure that you have some capital set besides if you want to use this option (since it can get rather expensive).

As you round first base, make sure you use these tools and go all the way with your e-commerce business. Good luck!



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