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Getting Into Google’s Good Books With Web Design

I am sure you are quite aware of the traditional method of print publishing. Web designing is a content that is quite similar to this. The main aim of any website is to act as an information display container, just like a book, it has pages which are required to be clicked instead of being turned. Web designing is no less than a skill of creating content in an impressive style. The website design should be such that you can ensure that Google is giving you a real high rank so that you are easily in their good books when people are looking for service provided by you when they type it over the search engine.


As such Google is one of the best and well-known search engines and so naturally people would use it for finding out about anything. So let us now have a look at the things that should be incorporated in order to ensure that the designing is good enough to be in the good books of Google. There are some accessibility principles which if followed can ensure that your website is easily accessible.


In order to give a relevant structure of documents to your website try and make use of semantic markup. By this, I mean that you have to get your content arranged and fashioned in a semantic way.


You must ensure that you are making use of a markup language which must be necessarily valid. It must also conform to published Schema or DTD.


If you are making use of images or pictures and videos which are non-textual then you have to ensure that for them you are using text equivalents.


When any of your visitors are reading out of context then for them you have to make use of hyperlinks that would help in making sense (I would ask you to avoid “click here”).


It would be best if you can ensure that you are not making use of frames.


Make use of CSS for the purpose of layout instead of making use of HTML tables for the same purpose.

When someone is choosing to read the source code one line after the other it should remain intelligible to the user agent. For this reason, it is important that you are authoring the page.


Nowadays content management system is also impacting the accessibility factor of any website. The facility of additional keyboards and scanning software, switches and screen reader options should be provided so that people with disabilities also find it easy to use.


Mind it that the content of your website would play a very important role in this case. No matter how technically perfect and visually impressive website you create, if your content is not up to the mark, your website would be sent down by Google right at its bottom, and no one would be able to rescue you.


This is the reason why you have to stress a lot over all these factors to be considered as good by Google.

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