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Corporate Website Identity

Corporate identity website design is a set of characteristics of visual elements to stand out among the competition and uniquely identify the trademark. Corporate identity typically includes a logo, color and font solution, certain stylistic approaches used in the design of promotional materials and much more.

The need for a corporate style occurs for several reasons.

1) It occurs when a company is just starting a business, wants to interested buyers, to attract attention, to express our competitors about their serious intent.
2) The second reason – the need to fix all the provisions that describe the style in order to avoid their spreading in the future, for example, in the case of models will create the other designers, not those that are developed corporate identity.

In any case, the goal of creating a corporate style makes the company to provide customers and partners, which is a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Key components of corporate identity:

* "Legend", a description of the logo, the ideas embodied in it;

* Different style logo and a description of their use;

* Color and font solutions;

* Indication of major errors in the application of the logo;

* Examples of layouts using the corporate identity (business cards, company letterhead and other items).

Before we conduct a meeting with the customer's we ask art director to create a common understanding of goals, the achievement of which should work on corporate identity. Only then can we begin to develop options for the logo, then present them to their customers and bring the most successful option to perfection. This approach work for those who makes it possible to obtain results that maximize the wishes of the customer while giving maximum impact in the application of corporate identity in practice.


Source by Britt Nicole


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