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Website Design and Identifying Your Target Audience

Website Design and Identifying Your Target Audience

For your website to have a maximum impact, you need to focus the design on a select group of individuals. These are your potential customers or your niche market. By knowing who your potential site users are, how they use online searches and what they expect from their online experience, you can use website design to attract, convert and retain more customers through your online presence.

When considering your target audience there are several things you need to take in to account. Before you begin working on the design of your company website, consider the following about who your target audience is:

What is the age of your audience? Knowing the age of your site user will drive design is very specific directions. A site designed for senior citizens will be designed very differently than a site intended for preteens.

What is the gender of your audience or is it furnished of both sexes? Knowing the gender make up of your target audience is important to design. Men and women react very differently, especially during the buying process. A website intended for an exclusively female audience will contain design elements very different from a website designed exclusively for men, just as a website that is used equally by both sexes needs a completely different design strategy.

What is the average income level of your site user? Knowing the income level of your target audience is essential because it dictates a lot about how design needs to work for potential customers. Higher income customers will have different expectations than lower income customers and a good web designer knows how to use that information to manipulate design for customer conversion.

What is the average level of education of your site user? If your average site user is a college educated professional, your site design and content need to reflect that. Just as in turn, if your average site user's education level stops at high school, design and content needs to be aimed at that level.

What is the emotional state of your potential customers? All sales are emotion based sales. People buy out of want, need, fear, joy, etc … By knowing the emotional state of your potential customers, you can drive design to capitalize on those emotions to convert more customers and close more sales.

What are your site user's particulars? Are they married, what are their hobbies? Is short, the more you know about the people who use your site, the more careful design can be constructed to your target audience and the more effective your website becomes.

Source by Jackie Curto

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