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The Secret Recipe of Logo Design

The Secret Recipe of Logo Design

Every business has its identity. A logo may look just like a stylistic name, but it can be brand recognition to a company. A unique Customized Logo Design can help instant recognition of what its stands for. Logo design is a primary factor, since your company logo is the cornerstone of all your marketing and promotional materials. A unique logo increases the credibility and popularity of a business as well in order to contend with your competitors. Choosing the right concepts for the logo is a starting point we need to consider in creating a logo that will boost the visibility and credibility of a certain business or company.

What to consider in Creating and Designing a Quality Logo;

1. What type of Logo you'll go to create.

a. Text Logo: This indicates to different Fonts. Most of logo are made from this and preferred most of the companies.
b. Symbol Logo: Symbols can be used in here. Deciding what best symbols that will stands for your business is very important.
c. Combination Logo: Combination of Text and Symbol / Shapes Logo. Proper choose and artistic yet simple design should be remembered.
d. Single Logo: Refers to promotional items can be found on websites.

2. Choose the right color combinations that blends well on your design

Choosing the right color is not that easy. Ask for other suggestion of others to come up with best color that you'll going to use because people react to certain colors as well. So that the output will be a well designed logo that best represents the company or business and distinct in the consumers mind. Colors are categorized in two;

Bright colors: Excitement, Power, Creativity, Confidence, Cheerful, Optimistic
Dull Colors: Peaceful, Harmony, Honesty, Calm, Beauty, Inspiration
White: Innocence or sterility
Black: Elegance or Evil

3. Last but not least, Keep it simple.

Avoid putting complex designs that may destruct attention, and then leave an negative impression of viewers. Use colors wisely. Simple and Unique logo design representatives overall feel of a company that represents authenticity and professionalism.

Source by Vhans Sen

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