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7 Top Tips to Increase Sales for Your Business in 2007

7 Top Tips to Increase Sales for Your Business in 2007

Increase sales are especially vital for small businesses to large organizations. With the US economy strong and the year coming to a close, these 7 tips may help you increase your sales in 2007.

  1. Commit all sales and business goals to writing
  2. Research suggests that when the physical action of writing takes place a greater focus occurs resulting in the goal being achieved. During the last 10 years, I have worked with numerous individuals who at one time had committed their goals to writing, but in recent years had gotten out of the habit. When I asked them How was that working for them not having the goals in writing, every individual confirmed that when the goals were committed to writing, they had greater success.

  3. Construct scripts to bypass sales objections
  4. Preparation helps to achieve success in a shorter time by identifying potential obstacles and this is especially true in sales. Having thoroughly prepared scripts to increase potential sales objections will increase your sales. These scripts should be prepared from joint cooperation within your sales team. Having experienced sales people share their strategies to turning around objections will increase your business sales.

  5. Align sales goals to the strategic plan
  6. Before establishing any sales goals, the strategic plan needs to be reviewed to ensure alignment between the goals and the existing plan. If there is not a strategic plan, then the executive management needs to develop a strategic plan immediately. Alignment is critical to the success of any organization especially when establishing goals from sales to marketing.

  7. Schedule tracking of your written sales goals as part of your dashboard
  8. The old adage if you can not measure you can not manage it is still true today. By creating a dashboard of those key performance indicators including sales keeps a daily focus on the actions of all involved. Tracking should not just be limited to actual dollars, but number of leads, number of appointments, number of meetings and number of close sales.

  9. Utilize a consistent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  10. From information doubling year to the onslaught of emails, the traditional rule of having someone touched at least 6 times before he or she remembers a name has expanded to 12 or 13 touches. Beyond the actual CRM system, the key is consistency due to consistency to build a relationship relationship as well as impression of ethics and values. However, it is important to note here that you should have permission to contact the individual if using email.

  11. Commit to promoting professional development
  12. Within the strategic plan, there should be a plan for ongoing professional development. This plan should include not only sales force training, but opportunities for the sales force to experience additional knowledge from a variety of resources.

  13. Combine sales training and professional development with corporate coaching
  14. Ongoing sales training and professional development should be part of the strategic plan within the sales department. With all the new tools to the global market place, ongoing learning is critical to improve sales. Corporate coaching provides opportunities for continued reinforcement after the initial training or developmental sessions have been completed.

Are these the only 7 tips for improved sales? No, but they do provide a springboard for you and your business to catapult into 2007.

Source by Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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