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3 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Home for Sale

3 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Home for Sale

You finally have your home for sale. Now it is time to tell other people about it.

Time for a creative strategy that works. Here are three (3) ways to advertise your property for sale that will get you lookers quickly.

Power Strategy #1: The Coupon... Start by getting your property listed (free) on websites designed for REALTORS and FSBO’s such as Zillow.com. The trick here is not using Zillow on its own, but COMBINING IT with other companies. For example, put your property on Zillow and then hand out small business cards to friends at work with a coupon to a local restaurant on the back. If you know a friend who owns a business (or maybe you do!) then ask them to give you a special discount or coupon. If you don’t know anyone who owns a restaurant or business to do this, just give them a FREE DRINK inside your home – all they have to do is show up at your house and walk through. This will attract new people, and the website ad on the backside (your listing) will show them the property so you only get people seriously looking for properties!

Power Strategy #2: The Neighbor Pointers… Recruit your neighbors to help you with this. If your neighbors like you, you will be able to do this easily. Put a sign in your yard as normal, but in your neighbors’ yard, have directional signs pointing to your yard. You could do this on special days (like an open house day) or even on every day. This will accomplish two things: your neighbors get to show that this is a great neighborhood and they want good buyers; and, your house gets more attention.

Power Strategy #3: Raffle… Host a raffle at your open house. Put this raffle for some decent items (that you can acquire at low cost). You may try an iPod or an iPad, or even an iTunes gift card. Have all attendees register their name and email. This gives you an opportunity to contact them again, even to let them know they only won the consolation prize (a gift of low value but some value nonetheless). Your advertising will stick out above the other ads in the paper or website if you capitalize the word FREE GIFT – RAFFLE.

The world’s best homes won’t sell by themselves. They all need decent advertising. If you have a property (or you have a listing as an agent), you need to get the right eyes on your place. I hope these three power tips may get your brain working overtime to get your property shown to plenty of buyers!

Source by Brooks Hanes

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