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Whitepaper As A Marketing Tool for Small Business

Whitepaper As A Marketing Tool for Small Business

This technique is so underused and misunderstood technique, its unbelievable. Now the best thing you can do is create a white paper on some important topic in your niche.

What exactly is whitepaper?

According to Perry marshall, It's your company's statement about how a problem should be resolved. So if you sell any kind of complex or technical product or service – if you have an elegant solution to a challenging problem – then a well-written, well-publicized white paper may be the missing link in your sales and marketing strategy.

You can literally increase your customer base outsell your competitor by producing a problem-solving whitepaper in your market.

You can always highlight the obvious problems in your industry. Now whenever a prospect calls, you can give this white paper away for free to educate them about your services and industry. This is a good way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

How much time it takes to write a White Paper? Well, not much actually. You do not need to write a complete bible on the topic. All you need is good 4-6 pages of content and you are set. I can crank out 6 pages in about an hour. It'll take couple of days, if you are really bad.

Here's what Your White paper Should contain.

A Good title

Do you think your prospects care if you produce another "Whitepaper on Eco friendly Widgets". No … They'll care more about your whitepaper, if you are solving their problem.

For example. a title like "How to Slash Your Electricity cost In your Business plant while using Eco friendly widgets". To Your prospect this title is about saving costs while thinking about environment.

Speak Direct to your prospect

If you're using too much of 3rd person perspective in writing your whitepapers, they'll bore your prospects to death. White paper should appeal to your prospects. Talk to them in their own language.

Your best bet is to write a paper which speaks directly to one prospect. Think you are sharing your ideas, thought with a friend. This way you can be technical without being boring.

Again What I want to show you is that whitepapers can be very good lead generating tool for your marketing. They are very low cost (takes few hours to write) and can be great conversion tool for your business.

Source by Ajay Mishr

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