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How to Grow Your Catering Business

How to Grow Your Catering Business

Wither starting fresh or if you have been catering for years you're always looking to expand upon your business and draw in more customers. But with nervous brides, corporate executives, party planners and more needing your attention it gets difficult to think of ways that can help you book more events. Here are a few simple and effective tips to start getting new clients fast:

Word of Mouth
Many times people forget that recommendations through word of mouth are the largest and most powerful tool for drawing in customers. When your service has been done with expert care and flair people will remember the food and consider you for their own parties and events. Never miss out on an opportunity to increase your word of mouth recommendations!

Considering how often you work alongside wedding planners, florists and party stores do your best to build a strong relationship with them. When you work well and have done an outstanding job for a wedding planner they'll know that you are reliable and cooperative. They'll want to recommend you alongside their services because they know you can get the job down right. You can encourage this by giving discounts to party and wedding planners and extremely importantly how likely they are to recommend you in the future.

Outstanding PR
Of course you do your absolute best at every event you cater but are you doing a few things to boost your PR? Put out press releases; contribute articles to catering and food magazines, anything that will increase your brand awareness. Alongside giving consistent great service people will be more likely to remember your company.

Add Personal Touches
Adding a few simple touches to your catering that are unique to you will help make you more memorable and stand out more! If you find yourself frequently renting serving and dining wear, try to buy your own with a custom pattern. It does not always have to be expensive either. You can order wine labels unique to your company to place in the ice buckets when wine is ordered for an event. When these wine bottles go home with guests, the personalized wine labels will make sure your company is remembered long after the event is over!

If you do not already have a website for your catering business you need to get one! Think of it as a 24 hour a day portfolio available to customers everywhere. It should include sample menus, testimonials and references from past customers. Have a gallery featuring pictures of your food and presentations that are sure to wow potential clients and your contact information so they can get in touch with you. The internet is one of the leading places for information so make sure people can find you!

Give flyers out to local businesses in your community. Many of them have company events such as birthdays, anniversaries and holiday parties that need to be catered.

Throw a Personal Party
Especially when you're starting out you may wish to invest in hosting your own party with your catering service. Invite the decision makers from local businesses and corporations as well as florists and wedding planners. These are people that will be your strongest word of mouth recommendations so be sure you pull out all the stops and show how strong your catering skills are! If you host a party that impresses them they'll be sure to remember you and help endorse your company.

If you keep these tips in mind you'll be sure to attract new customers to your business as well as forge last partnerships that will keep your business strong for generations.

Source by Abrielle B Evans

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