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6 Tips To Being More Productive With Keeping Your Website Updated

6 Tips To Being More Productive With Keeping Your Website Updated

Having a website means constant updating. Maybe not every day but certainly as you improve what you offer or change something about your business.

If you have a web master, they usually keep this for you, so there's not much for you to do except let them know what you need done.

However, if you're running your own site, these 6 tips will keep your website going and help you stay productive in the process.

Create Your Own System

Having your own systems just means the regular things you do on a daily basis. This could be backing up your database and checking / replying to emails, working on a blog post or future product you're going to release, replying to blog comments, etc.

This is just how you make sure that daily website tasks get done so you're on the ball and ready to go.

I make a list every night (after getting that day's work done) in WorkFlowy of the 3-5 major next steps I need to take and once I've written them down, I make sure they get done that day, no matter what happens .

Of course, life happens. Since this is the case, if something else needs my attention, I adjust as need be but my system allows me to.

Update Regularly

Another major way to stay productive with your website is to update your website and blog on a regular basis. Make sure you're providing useful content and all the information you have public on your site is true and you're able to deliver what you say you will.

If you change something, make sure to let your list know (more about this later). Visitors need to know that the information on your site, whether posts or general (outstanding) content is relevant and real.

Always Keep a Backup

This is the number one thing you always want to be doing. Anything can happen to your website at any time and usually it is when you least expect it to.

A good way to be productive with keeping a backup of your website is to keep only the necessary plugins in WordPress, reply to all comments every day if time allows and when working on writing content or something that does not require a lot of bandwidth, make a backup of your site.

Remember too, you will need to back-up WordPress as well as your entire database in your control panel.

Connect With Readers

Your readers are everything and learning from them how to stay more productive will help you as you start creating products / services and become busy with daily tasks.

Set a schedule to check comments and reply, read and respond to emails (as I mentioned above), get out on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.

A good website for staying extremely productive with this is HootSuite because you can be logged into multiple social media accounts at once and maintain everything in an instant.

Build a List

Having a list is critical to success, which is a well-known fact today. Doing this will give you leverage and your productivity goes way up as you can come up with an idea, for example, and send it out to your list to see what your readers are having trouble with.

This way you can get fantastic ideas for products and services to offer (once again) and know exactly what to offer. This sure beats guessing and if you continue to connect with your list regularly, whether on a set schedule or just once in a while every week or so, you'll be able to get this done in no time.

Make Use of Automation

Last is automation. It is always a good idea to set aside some time during the week or month to step back and figure out how to make things easier, faster, and how you can improve what you're doing on a larger scale. The more efficient you become with this, the better results you'll see.

Source by Eric Heavilin

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