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20 Common Traits Of Million Dollar Real Estate Agents

20 Common Traits Of Million Dollar Real Estate Agents

A successful real estate agents attitude is one of an entrepreneur, here is a list of 20 commonalities found among some of the most successful real estate agents attitudes.

1. They love to make money, instead of making money to do things that love.

2. They have bigger dreams then most people.

3. They are very success oriented.

4. They are restless and impatient! It often shows with people, situations, and in meetings.

5. They work hard and play hard. At times they are not sure whether its work or play.

6. They are better at something – anything then most people.

7. They look at risks differently then most folks.

8. They are proud and can be easily annoyed or insulted.

9. They have a smaller and tighter circle of friends then most people.

10. They have a lower tolerance for office politics, water-cooler discussions, and gossip.

11. One or more parents / family members are self employed.

12. Many have been fired one or more times.

13. They have a nack for business / communications at a young age.

14. They are commonly the oldest or youngest child in the family.

15. Most are less then 45 years old.

16. The majority is married, yes married!

17. Most have at least an associates degree.

18. They can be loners and be sociable people when need be.

19. They lack structure but are also super organized.

20. They are highly competitive.

These attributions are not set in stone, every body has their own path to success and yours could be totally unique. As always, it takes hard work and dedications. Here's to finding your path to success, cheers!

Source by Anthony Dase

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